June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008
Welcome to my Monday.

It's great to have you join me again. It's Monday. UGH! Now I am not usually the kind of guy who automatically hates Monday mornings, but today I have to be in agreement with those who work Monday through Friday in their jobs. I had another rough night of trying to sleep and ended up not getting sound asleep until after Gary got up this morning so I ended up sleeping until 11am. Luckily, I did not have any meetings or events scheduled this morning and could do so with luxury and abandon.

When I finally did get up I noticed Gary was asleep on the couch. Of course my first worry was he had fallen asleep not meaning to and was late for work. When I was finally able to stir him, Gary let me know he had called in sick to work. Gary woke up this morning with a torn up stomach like I have been having the past day or so. Not sure if we ate some bad food or if we caught a bug due to our compromised immune systems.

Actually, it was the telephone ringing which woke me up and I saw our friend Patrick had called. So I returned his call and Patrick asked if he could stop by on his way to see Dale in the hospital. Turns out Dale can still not urinate on his own and still has a catheter taking care of that function for him. The doctors are not sure if this is because of his spinal damage or some other cause so until they figure it out Dale will have to stay there. His having to stay there is actually a good thing since the hospital wanted to discharge him due to lack of insurance of ability to pay since they considered him out of emergency care need. Now I may not be a doctor, but I think if you are unable to urinate they may want to consider the legal liabilities if they discharge him and something worse happens. But hey, that's just me talking.

It's another hot and humid day in Florida. (Well at least for most of the day. More about that later.) The sun was blazing down today making it too hot for me to get outside and do much until night fall. So I followed up on some correspondence and reading of emails. I sometimes get as many as one hundred emails a day most of which are for the project or Divided We Fail/AARP. Speaking of blazing sun, the event I was suppose to work in St. Petersburg this past weekend was a great success. The Champmobile spent the weekend in St. Petersburg at the annual A Taste of Pinellas, an outdoor event on the waterfront with food, music and vendors. The Champmobile drew a lot of attention from event attendees and many wanted to have their picture taken with our cardboard cut-outs of the three remaining major presidential candidates. The line was long and while people waited, staff and volunteers were busy messaging and grabbing pledges! Folks responded to presidential trivia and the DWF message thrown in at the end. Crowds gathered at the kid area allowing more opportunity for messaging and pledges. Since folks kept asking about the DNC delegate situation, we tuned out satellite TV to CNN. Anytime someone stopped by to watch the DNC soap opera, we got a pledge signed. The shuttle launch was visible in the distance and drew a large number of people to the area surrounding the Champmobile. That meant more pledges and messaging. So it sounds like they had a great time and I wish I could have been there. Next time for sure!

Then around 4:30pm, we had another storm front come through Jacksonville with torrential rains and penny sized hail. According to the meteorologists, this storm was caused by the same weather cell as yesterday. Now in my neighborhood we mainly got a little rain and the strong winds. But in downtown just across the river, they received over an inch of rain in less than fifteen minutes with hail which did minor damage to parked cars. In the next neighborhood over which is San Marco, people took pictures of the hail where it looked like snow in their yard because of the amount of hail which had fallen. At least we haven't had the horrible tornadoes that have been popping up across the mid western states. Needless to say, my dog Harley was pressed up against me so hard that if she tried any harder; she would have been behind me. But being a miniature schnauzer, they tend to be a little high strung anyway. I am just lucky she is usually a very well behaved pet. In fact, she is probably the best behaved out of my pets.

Gary was still feeling horrible so I ended up making a light spaghetti dinner with bread. Gary said his stomach was so upset that he couldn't even eat the marinara sauce I had made. I totally understood since even I put a light butter garlic sauce on mine instead of the marinara. Neither of us were able to eat much and mainly picked at our plates. I knew I would have to snack later to take my medications anyway.

We both are going to bed soon. Gary said his stomach is hurting too much to lay down yet. But I am exhausted so I am headed off now. I hope you had a better day than I did although the days can always be worse so I try to keep a positive train of though. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab