June 22, 2008

June 22, 2008
Happy Sunday! Welcome to another day in my life on this great weekend. Thanks for coming to visit me again. I hope your weekend has lived up to all your expectations.

Although it has been a great weekend because after all we did wake up on the right side of the grass, we knew the weather would not be cooperating with us today. Didn't we! Think about it. Waking up in the morning definitely beats the alternative and I think sometimes we overlook that fact. I guess it is all part of me almost always seeing the glass as half full. I have never understood why someone would want a pestimistic outlook on life. We had known for days that today would have stormy weather complete with sound effects and a light show also known as a thunderstorm so we had not planned on going out today. In fact Gary had already been to the grocery store before I had even woke up and had gotten our laundry done for the most part and he got it all done by 10am so needless to say I was surprised. But Gary said he had been up since 6am since he is usually up that time of day every morning.

So I started off my daily as usual on the couch with my pets sipping my morning protein shake while I cleared the cobwebs from my brain. It's a small object in a large space so it takes awhile. LOL. My Sunday mornings will not be the same without Tim Russert of Meet the Press has died of a heart attack. Russert had collapsed at the NBC News offices in Washington DC on Friday afternoon. Russert has been hosting Meet the Press since 1991, and is the 60-year-old show’s longest serving host. Tim was a one of a kind journalist and he will be sorely missed during the rest of this presidential race. Tim Russert has an excellent way of cutting through the bullshit of politicians and getting to the meat of the subject which is something the average American definitely needs help with doing. Today was his burial and his story has been shared on all the networks for the past week since his death. There is a picture of his son standing over his anchor chair on the set of Meet the Press that was very moving. In the son's interview, he stated he would always keep his father's chair from the set. Tim Russert stressed the importance of being a father in his life over everything else which was something else I admired about him. He may have loved his job but family always came first which is something I can relate to from my childhood.

Senator Barack Obama stood on the banks of the St. Johns River on Friday and dismissed rival Senator John McCain's proposal to allow offshore drilling as election-year politics, arguing that it will not lower gas prices for families. During a visit to Jacksonville to attend a $500-per-person fundraiser at the Prime Osborne Convention Center, the likely Democratic nominee pledged to keep in place the federal government's 27-year moratorium on offshore drilling, and criticized McCain for changing his position on the matter. Offshore drilling is not popular in many coastal states, particularly Florida, the presidential swing state that decided the 2000 election and where McCain is favored and Obama is looking to gain ground. Both Senator Obama and Senator McCain are navigating the tricky political terrain around energy policy as rising gas prices infuriate voters who are largely focused on pocketbook issues in a very shaky economy.

One of the big issues in our national news is taking place in Boston where an investigation has been launched into an apparent teenage pregnancy pact that has at least 17 high-school girls expecting babies including many aged 16 or younger. A high school health clinic in the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts, became suspicious after seeing a surge in girls seeking pregnancy tests. Local officials said Thursday nearly half of those who became pregnant appear to have entered into a pact to have their babies together over the year. Some of the girls reacted to the news they were pregnant with high fives and plans for baby showers with the ones testing negative being very upset. The mothers-to-be are generally girls who lack self-esteem and have a lack of love in their life. Gloucester is a fishing town and has been going through an economic decline in recent years. That has led to cuts in teachers, services and some health classes at local schools. In Gloucester, the 1,200-student school administered 150 pregnancy tests to students in the past academic year. The school forbids the distribution of condoms and other contraception without parental consent — a rule that prompted the school's doctor and nurse to resign in protest in May. Kind of makes you question the intelligence of the people in charge. Don't you think?

Our friend, Patrick, stopped by for a little bit early this evening. He had borrowed his parent's car since it was storming outside and his car's windshield wipers are broken. Patrick had just been up to the hospital to visit Dale. Patrick said Dale seems to be doing a little better but is still having problems with the pneumonia. Patrick couldn't stay long since he needed to get the car back to his dad. So Gary and I ended up have Cheese Ravioli, bread and salad for dinner this evening after Patrick left. There wasn't much on television so I ended up working on this website and now this entry. Getting ready to head off to bed and prepare for another work week.

I hope you had a great weekend. Remember to live your life and not just go through the motions of living. Life is not a dress rehearsal and we only get one shot at it.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab