June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008
It's Tuesday today. Thanks for joining me today. How is your week going so far?

It is a very low key week for me which is great since I am still getting my energy back from being sick for a few weeks with the stomach virus. Luckily I only have a couple of appointments all week so I have plenty of time to rest up. I actually slept all night last night which is very rare for me. So I ended up getting out of bed around 6am when Gary woke up this morning. Chipper started barking to go outside after I guess he smelled Gary walking around first thing. Since Chipper is blind and deaf, his sense of smell is even better than the average dog's sense of smell. He can smell the difference between the two of us with just a sniff or two. Then it was time to make my protein shake and relax on the couch with the pets for an hour.

I started off my day by watching Opening Bell on CNBC. I have been watching the stock channel to see how the economy and oil prices are affecting the stock market. I use to trade in the stock market back when I was still working and also helped an ex with his 401k plan. So naturally I wanted to see the effects and hear the analysis. Financial and housing stocks have been literally obliterated. GMC is at a 20 year stock price low. The experts are stating it will be the middle of next year before we might see increases again. The DOW is now below 12000 and fell slightly again in trade today.

The economy and oil prices are now the major issues in the presidential election besides of course the war. on Friday, former rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign together for the first time since he won enough delegates to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. As they try to ease tensions and bring their party together, they are seizing upon both the town's symbolism and symmetry each received 107 Democratic votes in Unity on Jan. 8, plus one write-in vote apiece from Republicans. Friday's rally will be held outside the Unity Elementary School, where Principal Chip Baldwin first thought the Obama staffer who showed up last week was just another photocopier salesmen. There isn't much in the rest of the town either, aside from one general store, the county jail and the county nursing home. The library, police and town offices are housed in a restored tavern, where a jar of homemade cookies sits in the selectmen's meeting room. The town was founded in 1764 and named Unity because in granting the land, King George III unified a group of petitioners who had lost their land elsewhere in the colony. The 2,500 people expected to attend the rally far exceed the town's 1,700 population. Locals say the last time there was a crowd that big was for a 1970s performance by folk singer Arlo Guthrie. This little town has no idea the havoc the press will make in their poor little place. I have pity for them. Politicians and the press will decend upon them like locusts but it does make for good subliminal message to the masses. I still have decided 100 percent what I am going to do yet but I feel like I will have vote Obama. I just want to know HOW he is going to solve the problems. I have heard a lot of talk and not much walking so far.

My friend, Brittan, came over for a visit around 2pm. She had just left her first job and had a break. Brittan wanted to let me know how the new cat was doing. The kitten is now 8 weeks old and still having to be hand fed but that should change in the next couple of weeks as it gets stronger. We also talked about buying cars and why it is smarter to buy a one of two year old car as opposed to a brand new one. She also had a couple of questions about insurance. We also talked about the wreck I was in a couple of years ago when my car got totaled and the woman who hit me had no insurance or assets. My insurance ended up having to pay all the medical bills which I am sure they were so happy about having to do. But that is why we pay premiums and I have been with them for thirty years now. Brittan left for home to get a nap before heading to her night job.

The weather was sunny and hot until around 4pm when the storm clouds started showing up on the horizon. Our high temperatures are in the mid 90s every day in the summer and occasionally will peak around 100 in August and September. Within a half hour, we had tons of thunder and lightning which were quickly followed by a quick torrential downpour. My schnauzer, Harley, hates the thunder and lightning and was literally glued to my lap shivering. The other animals seem not to mind as much and of course Chipper is deaf and blind so he doesn't even notice. After the brief downpour, the skies cleared and it was as if we never had the front show up except for a couple of puddles on the sides of the street. The heat on the pavement and concrete had already evaporated all the water and ended up only making it steamy and hotter outside. Luckily it was almost nightfall so things would finally calm down a touch before Gary had to head home from work.

After Gary got home from work around 6pm, he had a call about his mother from his aunt. Turns out her kidney problems are a little worse than originally thought so the doctors will need to run some more tests. Gary urged his aunt to get the necessary legal documentation prepared to be able to take care of his mom so his brother can not interfere. After he finished his call I goggled the results for durable power of attorney for South Carolina and emailed the links to him to forward. We ended up deciding on strawberry covered pancakes for dinner for a delicious sugar treat. I mean it's not like I am worried about calories or anything. I go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks and am hoping he will give me the green light to start working out again as long as the tendons in my right arm are healed sufficiently.

Well it's been another long day and I am ready to head off to bed. I hope you found your day to be happy and successful in whatever your strove to achieve. Until we meet again.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab