June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008
Good day to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out another day in my life. It is great to have you join me again.

Today was a whirlwind day in my life. I started my day off early again by getting up around 5am due to my legs and back. Gary had already been stirring first thing in the morning which added to the fact I was not going to be able to get back to sleep. So we both ended up getting out of bed about 5:30 am. Around 7:30am, we received another call from Gary's Aunt about his mother. Gary's mother is doing worse in the hospital and is now have some problems with bleeding due to the fact her kidneys are shutting down. According to Gary's aunt, the doctors are saying her condition is worsening. They took her off the Lasix for the edema and she immediately started retaining major amounts of fluid again. Now remember this is besides her other health problems such as diabetes, heart problems and emphysema.

So after the call was over Gary came to me and asked if it was ok if he took some time off from work and went to visit his mother. Now I know some couples are very restrictive of each other but I am so opposite of that. If my significant other has something they need or want to go do and it doesn't go against the rules of our relationship, I don't see any problems with them doing whatever makes them happy. When it comes to family, they should always come first above everything. Or maybe that is just because I am so close to my family and I know some people are not which I find sad but I understand. Not every family was supportive and loving like mine. So I told Gary to speak to his boss as soon as he got to work and see if he could have the time off after explaining why. Now Gary has missed a lot of work in the past year and a half due to health reasons. But I really didn't see his bosses refusing to let him go see his mother before she passes. I think few people would be so insensitive to tell someone they could not go see their parent knowing his mom is dying. Plus they know how unstable Gary can be due to past problems and a refusal would definitely aggravate those problems which wouldn't help with work flow anyway. Then Gary went and purchased his ticket during his lunch hour since he decided to go Greyhound. (Go Greyhound. Leave the driving to us.) He called me after he got back to the office to let me know that he would be leaving around 2am early tomorrow morning which I said was fine.

I ended up being at the hospital with a friend for a few hours this afternoon. Mark has been readmitted to the hospital and is an old friend of mine. Mark is so weak now he has to walk with a walker and is only 48 years old. Unfortunately due to a couple of bouts of cancer, his body is tired, overtaxed and worn out. He collapsed at home yesterday morning and I received a call around 10am and went to the hospital to meet him. We finally got him admitted around 5pm and I hurried home after telling him I would talk to him later and see him again tomorrow. I left one of my aids bears with him to keep him cheered up. His partner passed about five years ago and I know he has little contact with his family so I want to be there for him.

I hurried home because a massive storm was coming in from the east and darkened the sky to where you thought it was night time. I barely beat Gary home from work. Patrick was a sweetie and picked him up from work. They got to the house within a few minutes of my arrival. Patrick let me know Dale had just gotten out of the St. Vincent's hospital again and they had already had words about Dale resting. Dale had only been home a little while before he was starting in about going to the farm and Patrick blew up at him about not resting and taking better care of his health. Patrick only stayed a few minutes since he needed to get bac to Dale at the house but said he would call and/or see me tomorrow.

I decided to make spaghetti for dinner while Gary did wash and got packed for his trip to South Carolina. He was running around like a chicken with his head cut off while trying to decide what he needed to take for his week long trip. Then the sky seemed to fall all at once with tons of lightning, thunder, high winds and then torrential rain. There was so much lightning in the skies it was like a fourth of July fireworks display with multiple lightning strikes occurring frequently. The rain itself only lasted a short period of time but the thunder and lightning lasted for over an hour and prompted me to unplug all our major electronics. After watching the news this evening, the weather person said to expect the same for the next two to three days. After Gary finished packing, I made us both some chocolate ice cream for dessert. Then it was time for Gary to get some sleep before getting up around midnight to get ready to leave for the Greyhound bus station.

I ended up holding him in bed for about an hour while he was sleeping. Then I got up to have stuff ready when he got up to finish getting ready to leave. It is now midnight so I will finish the news in tomorrow's entry.

I hope your day was productive and happy. We all deserve happiness and fulfillment in life. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab