June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008
Welcome to the end of another work week! We made it through another week and it is almost time for the weekend!

As those of you that read my daily blog know Gary is currently in South Carolina because his mother is in ICU because her kidney are shutting down. I thought I would not miss his snoring while trying to sleep but without him here the house is eerily quite. LOL. I guess I am not use to trying to sleep without something or someone sounding like a wind tunnel or jet engine. I actually found the silence and lack of sound disturbing. It made me hypersensitive to any sound that did happen. Because of that, I ended up getting out of bed to check sounds three times during the night. So even though Gary's snoring wasn't here to keep me awake, I still had a hard time sleeping.

I finally got up around 9am this morning. I would have slept later but with Gary gone the pets need extra attention especially Sugar. I also had to get ready for my doctor appointment at AIDS Healthcare Foundation. So after getting my shower and downing a protein shake, I rode my bike over to the clinic. It was pretty much a routine visit and then had some blood drawn to check my t-cells and viral load along with the other normal blood work. I met the new guy working in the lab and it turns out we have a couple of mutual friends. We were talking about the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 80s. Robert almost started crying when I was talking about all the friends I lost while living in California before the new HIV medications were available in 1996. He seems like a very nice guy so I told him about the project website and gave him a business card so he could check it out.

I had thought about going to the monthly HIV community luncheon given by NFAN. But by the time I got back home from the doctor's appointment, I had already missed the bus headed over that way. I called Beth to see if I could possibly catch a ride with her but she had to go pick up the food for the luncheon. So after I realized I had missed the bus I just decided to stay home since the weather was already starting to turn nasty. It's so hot any way this time of year that I will probably miss the next two or three. I hate going out in public during the summer because I break into a heavy sweat within minutes of going outside in the heat. Nothing worse than showing up somewhere you know people and having your clothing soaked in sweat.

My friend, Patrick, called shortly after that so we talked for about a half hour. He has been busy taking care of Dale since Dale got out of the hospital three days ago. Now Dale has been told by his doctors to get plenty of rest but he is already doing too much again. When I spoke to Dale he is wanting to start a chicken and egg poultry business. I tried to remind him the doctors told him to only get rest so he won't end up back in the hospital. But you can't make something do anything they don't want to do. I am sure Patrick is about to pull his hair out wanting Dale to behave but knowing he can't make him. I wish Dale the best because he is a very caring, wonderful man.

It was another blood bath in the stock market today. I ended up watching CNBC for most of the afternoon to see what has happening. Wall Street experienced more pain with the Dow at one point down 20 percent drop from its record peak set in October 2007. Blue chips lost 106 points to 11,346. The S&P 500 lost 4 points to 1,278. The Nasdaq lost 5 points to 2,315. Crude oil set a new record settlement at $140.21 a barrel. What amazes me is how the "experts" keep trying to persuade investors that there is no big deal about the problems in the stock market and in America in general right now. The experts keep saying the price of oil is overblown even though it continues to go up in price almost daily with us finally breaking the $140 a barrel mark today. I am not sure if they are instructed to be so upbeat since it does affect the savings of millions of Americans or if they are really that delusional. Next week is a short trading week because of July the 4th. Holiday weeks are normally bad trading weeks so it will be interesting to see what next week is going to bring.

The weather the past several days have been carbon copies of each other. We start off every day with lows in the high 60s or low 70s with fairly clear skies. Then around 5pm, the storm front starting coming in from the east and darkening the skies. We had another round of strong winds, violent lightning and powerful thunder. The only difference is we have had pea sized hail for the past couple of days in addition to the rest of the stormy weather. I know my dog Harley will be glad when the thunderstorms are over for awhile since she hates thunder. Gary's dog, Sugar, is also not crazy about thunderstorms but is more upset right now because she hasn't seen her daddy in a couple of days.

This weekend is gay pride in several major cities here in the United States so I will be covering those in the next couple of day's blogs. I have been asked many times by heterosexuals why the GLBT community needs pride events. Now I am never amazed anymore by questions I get asked when speaking to crowds across our great country. I get questions both thought provoking and idiotic. Most of the questions are based in ignorance and/or fear. Part of the problems is the way the media especially conservative portrays GLBT pride parades. The media always searches out the most bizarre drag queen, half nude lesbian, party boy or leather queen to negatively portray the event to the best of the media's ability. So the reason I will be talking about gay pride in the next couple of blogs is to give you a better insight on how and why we have gay prides.

I spoke with Gary several times on the phone today. Sounds like he is homesick for me and the kids which was great to hear. But I hope he is enjoying his time with his mom since we all never know how long we get to have with those we love. I reminded him how much I miss having my mom around since her death over four years ago. He seems to be doing ok although he did get a start when he ran across his mother's hypodermic needles for her insulin shots. We just got off our last call before bed time and saying our good nights and I love yous.

So I am headed off to dreamland and a good day. Hope you had a great one also. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab