June 28, 2008

June 28, 2008
It's great to have you visit my blog again. Welcome to my Saturday and I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

I ended up starting off my day around 10:30am after finally rolling out of bed. As those of you know that read my daily blog, my partner is currently in South Carolina visiting his mother in the hospital. So today I had the luxury of doing what I want, when I want, without having to worry about the needs or desires of my significant other. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely miss him when he is gone. But it is nice to have some alone time once in a blue moon when he has to go out of town. A break also helps couple have some of their own space and time for their own needs and desires.

As I spoke about yesterday, this weekend is gay pride celebrations in several major cities. But with the recent changes in allowing gay and lesbians couples to get married; all eyes are on California this year. I lived in San Francisco for a few years and their pride celebration has always held a special place in my heart. Move over Dykes on Bikes. Here come the brides and grooms. Given San Francisco's sizable role in initiating the lawsuits that led California's highest court to strike down the state's bans on same-sex marriage, the city's 38th annual gay pride festival and parade is likely to draw huge crowds this weekend.

With 259 marriage license appointments and 284 reservations for wedding ceremonies scheduled at the San Francisco county clerk's office, Friday was on pace to be the city's busiest day for weddings since gay marriage became legal earlier this month. There were 202 license appointments and 115 weddings performed on June 17, the first full day that gay and lesbian couples could get married in California. Although City Hall will be closed over the weekend, organizers of the weekend's official pride festivities are putting up a wedding pavilion across the street where couples can get information about tying the knot or celebrate newly sanctioned unions.

Gay rights advocates also plan to use the occasion to build support for their campaign to defeat a ballot initiative that would overturn the state Supreme Court's decision by amending the California Constitution to again ban same-sex marriage.

The theme for Sunday's pride parade "United by Pride, Bound for Equality" was selected before the state's high court handed down its ruling on May 15. The celebrity grand marshals are Latin American entertainer Charo, singer Cyndi Lauper and Stuart Milk, the nephew of the slain San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was one of the nation's first openly gay elected officials.

Tens of thousands from across the country typically flock to America's gay Mecca for the festival, a virtual holiday in San Francisco. The parade traditionally opens with a blocks-long contingent of Dykes on Bikes who are lesbians dressed in leather driving loud motorcycles. Gay pride events were also planned for New York, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Honolulu and other cities. Overseas, gay activists were to hold demonstrations Sunday in three cities in India, where homosexuality is illegal and taboo. About 3,000 gays marched through Jerusalem without incident on Thursday, protected by 2,000 police officers. Bulgaria's first ever gay pride march, scheduled for Saturday, was moved to a remote park after municipal authorities in the capital of Sofia expressed security concerns. The parades commemorate the Stonewall uprising of 1969, a series of fights between gays and police in New York widely considered the beginning of the gay rights movement. The parades began the next year in 1970.

So for those of you who have never heard about gay pride celebrations, I hope I helped fill you in a little bit. In fact, I met Gary at the Jacksonville Pride in 2005 and we started seeing each other that day so it is our anniversary. I have also attended gay pride celebrations in most of the major cities and also in Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands over the years. But San Francisco will always have the most special of memories for me.

There was a picnic for the patient of BCCC at one of the neighborhood parks today but I was not feeling up to attending. It was so hot outside and so far from the house that I need I would be exhausted if I attempted to go. But I do hope everything turned out great. I know most of the members of the patient advisory board had worked very hard to throw the event for the clients. So I look forward to hearing how great everything went.

I spent most of the rest of the day outside with the dogs so they could get some exercise and fresh air. With Gary out of town, they need more special attention than when he is here. Especially his dog, Sugar, who has been moping around the house ever since he left. I have had to put his bathrobe down on the floor for her to sleep on at night. She had dragged the robe over near the front door so she can stand guard until he gets back. Every time she hears the gate close by the wind or any other sound outside Sugar starts freaking out hoping it is him. It is sad to see how she gets depressed when she realizes it isn't him.

Headed off to bed now and hoping for a great night of sleep. I hope you had a great and fulfilling day. Remember to live your life. This isn't a dress rehearsal and we only get one shot at life. I hope you have a great Sunday and go do something special for yourself.

Wishing you hope, health and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab