June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008
Thanks for joining me again for another day in my life.

Gary and I are still home sick so it was a very low key day. Gary woke me up last night when he came to bed so I ended up going to the living room ofr a couple of hours in the middle of the night. I was going to call my friend Diane but realized it was too late to be calling her. She is usually in bed no later than 1am. So I ended up watching a couple of programs on late night television which by definition is almost exclusively low budget reruns and infomercials. It is amazing to me how many different things people can invent for us to spend our money on when all we really need is food and a roof over our head. I finally started nodding off while sitting on the couch and stumbled back off to bed.

I ended up finally waking around 12 noon today and could tell I was way overdue for my pain medication. My legs felt like they had a vice grip on them. So first order of business was making a protein shake and taking my morning medications. I walked outside into glaring sunshine to see what the weather and temperature were like. It was blazing hot and very humid outside so I could tell it was a great day for me to stay inside. My stomach was still doing the topsy turvy thing and it wouldn't have been a good idea to travel far from home right now. Gary was laying on the couch in the same condition with the dogs spread around him.

Well now it looks like after last night's democratic primary returns that Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday after a grueling marathon becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House. Campaigning on an insistent call for change, Obama outlasted former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in a historic race that sparked record turnout in primary after primary, yet exposed deep racial and gender divisions within the party. The tally was based on public declarations from delegates as well as from another 15 who have confirmed their intentions. It also included 11 delegates Obama was guaranteed as long as he gained 30 percent of the vote in South Dakota and Montana later in the day. It takes 2,118 delegates to clinch the nomination. The 46-year-old first-term senator will face John McCain in the fall campaign to become the 44th president. The Arizona senator campaigned in Memphis during the day, and had no immediate reaction to Obama's victory. So now it will be interesting to see who Obama chooses to run as his vice-president. A lot of Clinton supporters have suggested if she is not the running mate that they will either not vote or will vote for McCain. Should be interesting to see as we follow this to November.

Scott McClellan, the author who wrote the book, What Happened, was interviewed by Jon Stewart. McClellan criticized the Bush administration in his 2008 memoir. In the book, he accused Bush of self-deception and of maintaining a permanent campaign approach to governing rather than making the best choices. McClellan stopped short of saying that the president purposely lied about his reasons for invading Iraq, writing that the administration was not employing out-and-out deception to make the case for war in 2002, though he did assert the administration relied on an aggressive political propaganda campaign instead of truth to sell the Iraq war. His book was also critical of the press corps for being too accepting of the administration's perspective on the Iraq War and of Condoleezza Rice for being too accommodating and overly careful about protecting her own reputation. Needless to say the White House has pulled out their typical canned responses to the book. That Scott was out of the loop. Scott was a disgruntled employee. That the remarks do not sound like the Scott McClellan they knew. More of less the typical responses the White House will give whenever a situation presents itself.

A young friend of mine, Brittain, stopped by this afternoon after she got off from her first waitress shift of the day. Brittain wanted to stop by and show me her new kitten. It was a very pretty tabby kitten about four to five weeks old that was from a wild cat. The mother had died and someone had found the kittens and found homes for them before they died so Brittain ended up getting one. Now she already has two other adult cats at home who of course are not happy about the new addition. But I am sure they will all get along once they get settled like my pets did. Brittain had to rush off to get ready for her night job. She and her boyfriend work very hard for young people in their early 20s which is great to see in this day and age. I see way too many people who think a life is owed to them without working hard for it.

Gary and I spent the rest of the day laying on the couch with the pets. Gary did go and take a nap for a couple of hours but my back was bothering me too much to sleep. We ended up eating left over three cheese quiche and salad for dinner which may not have been the smartest of decisions considering our stomach problems. But it sure did taste good.

Late this afternoon, we had another dramatic thunderstorm roll through town. Except this time it rolled through town very slowly. We had torrential downpours for almost two and a half hours. Even Stockton Street had standing water after the first hour. Luckily we live on the high end of Stockton Street. The lightning and thunder were even more severe today which of course threw my dog, Harley, into a panic. She literally would not leave my side and was shaking like a leaf. Harley kept on following me from room to room like I could save her from the thunder. Oh my poor little girl!

Well it looks like Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee after the polls are counted today in the last two states. I must say Senator Clinton gave it one heck of a battle and even ended up taking one of two states today. Hopefully, Obama will ask her to run on the ticket with him as vice-president. That way he can court the millions of people like me who voted for Clinton. I guess we will just have to wait and see on that issue. Hopefully, we will hear something in the next couple of days.

There seems to be more of a lack of entertaining television than usual. Guess we are in between the ones which have ended for the season and the summer replacements. So we are both going to end up trying to go to bed early. I don't know how much success I will have but here's hoping.

I hope your day went as your hoped. Do something special for lunch tomorrow if you can. Maybe call a friend you haven't talked to in a long time. We are almost half way through the work week after tomorrow. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab