June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008
It's great to have you join me again! Welcome to another day in my life.

As I have been talking about the past few days, Gary and I currently have a stomach virus so we have been home sick all week. Today we both started running a small grade fever and still have bad stomach cramps. So needless to say we have been staying close to the house in case of emergencies if you know what I mean. LOL

I have my usual night with not being able to get to sleep for good until Gary woke up this morning. So I ended up sleeping until around 12:30pm today. Talk about sleeping half your daylight away! Sometime I feel like I am wasting a day when I spend it in bed. But when I feel like I have been this week, I wouldn't be a pleasure to be around in public anyway. So after I did wake up of course it was time for my pain medication and my morning protein shake. No better way to get the day started. Well at least no other way I can think of that doesn't involve at least one other human being. (grin)

It was another day on the couch surrounded by our pets. For some reason, Kitty has been needing a ton of attention the past few days. Now she is always a very sociable cat but she has been over the top with the need to be constantly pet the past few days.

Today a majority of the television coverage is about Obama being the presumed nominee for the Democratic presidential nominee. Now there must be over thirty shows who are trying to make a debate about when Senator Clinton will concede when a statement had already been made by her last night in New York that she would be taking a day or two to decide. If it was me, I would be trying to get a spot on the ticket as the first female vice president if they get elected. Now while the two of them on the ticket is probably the dream of a majority of Democrats, I'm afraid do to his inexperience Obama will decide on another person for the VP slot. I personally do not think he can win the presidency without her so it will be interesting to see if Obama cuts his nose off to spite his face. I guess time and history will tell.

I ended up making spaghetti and butter for dinner again. With the way my stomach is feeling I didn't think I could stomach much more than that. As it was I was only able to eat a small bowl with a piece of bread before the stomach cramps kicked back in again. So I am having to eat small amounts a few times a day. The more bland the food is right now the better off I will be. Gary is in the same shape but decided on making himself some pancakes.

The weather was hot and balmy all day again with highs in the low 90s. We are just to the time of year where is with either be hot, sunny and humid or raining. It has become my least favorite time of year especially since I don't have a swimming pool any more. At least when you have a pool, you know you can escape the heat in the water. Here in north Florida most people can use their pool from mid to late April until November so they really come in handy. Guess that is why Cheryl and Stephanie decided to add one to their new home since Cheryl had one at her home in Southside.

Since I have been home sick all week, I have been researching my main hobby beside working out which is photography. In my late teens, 20s and 30s; I modeled for John Casablanca Modeling Agency after coming in second for a contest called Face of the 80s in 1980. I was first discovered by a modeling agency while on Pensacola Beach with a gorgeous lesbian friend who was a model. Through that chance meeting, I booked my first Coke commercial. I also modeled for several designers, Pepsi, Greenfields, did several chain commercials and was lucky to get walk on minor parts in a few movies in the 80s. Now all that was a long time ago, I wish I could go back and have paid more attention to what was going on behind the camera. Photography is one of my best stress relievers because I forget all about myself when I am taking pictures or documenting an event, place or person. I am still very new and consider my self a novice but I look forward to developing my skills as budget, time and health allow. One of the great things about digital photography is you can take an unlimited amount of pictures without worrying about the costs of old time developing. If you don't like a picture, you just delete it. Talk about convenience and economical.

We did watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight. They are still in the audition rounds of the competition. There were several excellent dancers tonight and of course several disasters. Mary Murphy is a hoot returning in her judge spot again this year. Mia Michaels has also been judging the auditions in several of the cities. Nigel has even seemed to loosen up some this year. If the talent they have shown so far is any judge of the season then it should be a great one. It amazes me how much more difficult the routines are now then when I was a kid.

Headed off to bed soon since it is already after midnight. My back is bothering me but I am hoping to get to sleep some time before daylight. LOL.

I hope you had a great day. Remember to give someone a smile tomorrow. It costs nothing and can enrich someone else's life. Try it. It works.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab