June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009
Jax Connections Conference Welcome Butch McKay

Welcome to another day in my life as a long term survivor of HIV and AIDS.

Today is Thursday and this busy week is going by way to quick for me. I have a pile of work to get done before the London Crusaid Walk for Life this weekend and just do not see how I will be able to have things caught up. So some may have to wait until next week.

I had a very early radio interview on the telephone about the upcoming event in London. I would be amazed if any one over there understood my southern American accent. I know I was having problems understanding them at times. So it may have turned out comical but at least I did my part to help.

I had my morning chocolate protein shake and did a shoulder and forearm workout. Still getting back into the routine after a month's break but feels good to be working on my body again. I know to some it may sound silly and vain. But as a young gay man growing up, I was told gay people were not worth shit much less the love of God. And in the gay world; looks, youth, body and money are the four gods to so many. Plus it does not help I am an aging ex-model and try to serve as an inspiration for those living with HIV. If I can do it for 24 years, they can to and look good doing it. But I can't give them the confidence and reassurance if I do not look good doing it.

Then I had to drive across town for a meeting for our upcoming Connections Conference. I have been asked to be one of the main speakers. The committee had invited a great friend of mine, Butch McKay, who does the Positive Living Conference in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl every March and is involved in several other conferences. So I was excited about seeing Butch even though I was dead tired and stressed out today. The meeting went pretty well and at least now I know where they are at in the process and have a better idea how to proceed with my part. Hopefully, they will also get Butch to come speak since I think the combination would be great. I know how much many of our local people think of Butch as I do.

Besides founding and continuing the yearly Positive Living Conference, Butch also runs OASIS in Ft. Walton Beach which is an organization that helps people living with HIV and AIDS in their area. Butch is also very involved on many different fronts from research to activism with our community even though he is HIV negative. Butch does everything he does because of losing a very close friend of his many years ago. I wish we had many more like him in charge of AIDS Service Organizations around the country. Then maybe clients would be the primary focus as they were in the beginning of the organizations. (You can find links for the Positive Living Conference on our Events and Program/Services section of the website. You can find OASIS on our sponsors page or our Resource/Links section of the website. Check them out and tell him Daddy Dab sent you.)

It was great seeing Butch and everyone as always. I just wish Butch and I had some more time to spend sitting and just talking. With both of our schedules, we are always on the run. The downside is I do not get to spend "friend" time without all the HIV/AIDS talks as much as I would like. But it is a small price to pay when it can mean the difference in someone's health care or well being.

Busy getting everything ready for the weekend. Will post pics as soon as I can but it may be next week.

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab