June 5, 2008

June 5, 2008
Hey, it is great to see you again. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to see what is going on in my life.

It will come as no surprise if you read my blog often but I had another difficult night trying to sleep. Between my current stomach virus and the pain in my spine and legs, I ended up going to the living room several times during the night to keep from waking up Gary. Now I doubt if I could really wake Gary up if his own snoring does not do it. But at least I try to be considerate especially since Gary still works a full time job. I was hoping Gary would feel well enough to go back to work. So when I can not get to sleep, I joined my dogs and the cat on the couch in the living room until I thought I could possibly fall asleep again.

I ended up falling back to sleep around 5am as Gary was getting up for the morning and slept until noon time again. Seems like I have almost switched my days and nights here lately. As I started outside with the dogs, Gary was just getting home from going to see the doctor and getting some medications to help with the stomach virus we both have had for over a week now. As I said Gary had been to the doctor and has missed almost a whole week of work which will kill his budget and saving for the scooter he would like to get for transportation. But I can definitely understand his calling in his with the way we have been feeling this week.

Gary also stopped by to see Dale since Dale has just returned home from the hospital since Dale lives right by Walgreens. Gary said Dale has lost a ton of weight and was wearing his back brace. I'm sure Dale is more than glad to be home after being in the hospital for a majority of 2008 but I am also sure his being home has added a ton of stress to Patrick's life. The doctors are still not sure if and when they will be able to fix the problems with Dale's spine. Not only does Patrick have to take care of Dale but also the household. It is a good thing Patrick does not have a job right now. Although taking care of Dale and the house is a full time job. I knew something must be up when I had not heard from Patrick in a day or two.

It was another one of our Florida summer days with sunshine, heat and humidity until about 3:30pm this afternoon. It was already past ninety degrees when I woke up today. Then the darrk ominous clouds zoomed in and opened up with a downpour that lasted for almost two hours just like the past couple of days. We probably have received at least two inches of rain this week in Duval county. But considering we were having several firestorms around Florida last month, the rain is more than a welcomed visitor. Not to mention how much water the rain saves everyone from having to use to water their lawns especially with our water and sewer bill being increased by seven percent soon.

I ended up making pancakes for dinner since my stomach was still messed up. I didn't think I could handle more than the pancakes and a protein shake. Gary said his stomach was still cramping badly he was going to pass on dinner. I did end up making him some sugar cookies later to give Gary at least something to put on his stomach. Nothing worse than not having something solid in your stomach for a couple of days even if you are having cramps and nausea. Luckily the new medications Gary got from the doctor today seems to be helping with both of those symptoms.

In the presidential nominee election news, it looks like Senator Clinton will be conceding this Saturday after she hosts a party in Washington DC for all her workers and supporters. I have to give it to her; she fought a good fight. I think she just underestimated the worth of the caucus states and concentrated too much on the swing states. But that is just my opinion and I never made it as far in politics as she already has. I do hope she will run again in the future if she ended up not being the VP on Obama's ticket. It seems according to the news, Clinton being the chose for VP is getting further and further away from a possibility. I foresee the Clinton supporters being very upset if Obama does not at least offer her the Vice president slot. But as I said yesterday, we will have to wait and see how all this plays out in the next week or so.

Gary and I ended up watching So You Think You Can Dance again tonight. Tonight was the last episode before showing the top 20 dancers for the rest of the season's competition. Unfortunately a couple of my favorites did not make the final cuts and I was really surprised that a couple of they didn't make it. From the clips So You Think You Can Dance aired the ones I liked seemed to be some of the best but there is no telling what was in the footage we haven't seen. That is one of the drawbacks to television not seeing the whole story and not just what they decided to spin or show.

It has been another long day so now I am headed off to bed after enduring another day with this stomach virus. I hope you have had a better day and week that I so far. Guess I should not complain since I have been getting a ton or rest which is rare. I just wish I felt like eating more since I do not need to lose any more weight.

I look forward to you joining me again tomorrow. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab