June 6, 2008

June 6, 2008
It is great to see you again! How was your day today?

I did not get much accomplished today. I am still sick here and it has been a very long week being locked in door and spending a majority of the time in bed sleeping. I know I am ready for this stomach bug to end the battle it has been doing on my stomach for several days now. Gary has also been home from work all week but I think he is starting to feel better because he is starting to get cabin fever. You know once you start complaining about being stuck in doors you are feeling better. I have not reached that point yet but hopefully will soon. I know it has been awhile since Gary and I have been stuck in the house sick together for this long of a period of time. Nothing against Gary but I do not want to be around anyone 24/7/365 and enjoy my private time of which I have not been getting any lately. But when you are sick and not feeling well, things can get thrown out of perspective easily. So while today is Friday, it could be any day of the week since I have not had much contact with the outside world except for the internet and the television.

It was another sunny, hot and humid day when I woke up this morning. Not exactly what I was looking forward to when first waking up. If there had been cloudy skies and rain, it would have made it very easy and tempting to just climb back into bed and get some more sleep. I saw Gary was home since he did not feel well enough to go to work. He said someone had called to ask about membership to the new straight men's HIV support group. It turns out the guy might have an outstanding infraction from the past and I do not know if that would have anything to do with being able to attend the support group or not. The gentleman may have been speaking about being a mentor through the resource center at BCCC which would require a background check since they are given a health department identification badge. I called Alice, who is on our board of directors and is the sponsor for THE ROSE and THE THORNS group to see what the deal was about the man's question. I think he had things confused between going to the men's HIV group and being a peer counselor through the Department of Health. I know to be a peer counselor or advisor for HIV/AIDS, you have to be fingerprinted, pass a background check and no serious vehicular charges such as a DUI, DWI or vehicular manslaughter. But to just go to the support group, anyone is allowed as long as they are HIV positive. I confirmed all this with Alice and she is going to try and get in touch with the man. The number on my telephone call memory for him was incorrect. I did try to call him but the call would not go through and I received a restriction message.

We had our usual afternoon thunderstorm which has been occurring almost daily for the past week. But like I have said before I am not going to complain since we were having wildfires in Florida just a month ago. At least with all this rain, we do not have the threat of fires hanging over us. I know last year Atlanta was having drought concerns because of their lack of rainfall. I am not sure how they are doing with it this year but I haven't heard anything so far. I am also waiting to hear what the governor of Georgia has decided about starting an AIDS Drug Assistance Waiting List for their states. Hopefully, they will find a way to prevent a waiting list. If they do start one I plan one speaking with Divided We Fail/AARP officials and having them schedule a meeting with the governor and myself to discuss the issue. I just can not stand by while people are put on waiting lists when life saving medications are available now.

I ended up taking a four hour nap last this afternoon. Between being tired, my stomach hurting and the sound of the rain; I just could not stay awake any longer. I didn't mean to sleep most of the early evening away but I guess my body needed the rest. After I got up I was starving so I made one of my delicious protein shakes for dinner. My stomach was still too torn up to have anything else. Gary ended up going to bed about an hour after I woke up since he did not get a nap today. He better rest up so he can get back to work next week. You never want to be away from a job long enough for them to realize they could survive with you! LOL

Tomorrow, Senator Clinton is having the party for her supporters in Washington, DC. I wish I had felt better and would have been able to make the trip. I am sure it is going to be both a huge success. I know she has a ton of very passionate supporters. But it isn't like Clinton doesn't have a future. Her possibilities are endless and only limited by her imagination. Not to mention she is still the senator for New York. I am still waiting to see if Obama adds her to the ticket or not. I am hoping so but not counting on it.

Not much else going on here today. I hope the end of your work week went smoothly and that you have a great weekend. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab