June 8, 2008

June 8, 2008
Hey Friends! I hope you're having a great Sunday! Thanks for joining me again.

I ended up sleeping in very late today and didn't get up until 1:30pm. I was up and down most of the night again due to my back and right arm. So I feel like I barely got any rest. I did not wake up in the best of moods either.

It didn't help when the first thing I saw today was the electric bill. Now I know it was for May and JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) just raised our bill by 15 percent to cover the increase in fuel costs, but our bill almost doubled. JEA will be doing two more five percent increases by the end of the year for a total of a twenty five percent increase. I also received an email from a friend in California where gas is hovering closer and closer to the five dollar mark. It just seems to me like this has all begun a death spiral for the American way of life. We are way too reliant on oil for our cars and took for advantage the low cost of fuel for too many years without pursuing alternative fuels. Now we are starting to pay the price for our arrogance and lack of foresight.

Another reason for my bad mood was I overslept and missed my pain medication by over four hours. So when I did wake up I was in horrible pain. Needless to say I did not enjoy starting my day that way. I am sure Gary and the pets just sat very still and held their breath until my pain medication starting kicking in and I starting acting like a human being. I tried to concentrate on the Men's Visa Gymnastic Championships in Houston, Texas. The championship is one of the last events before the men's olympic gymnastic team is chosen. There was one hot little number who was in the lead and has said this is his last year of competition. Paul Hamm injured himself yesterday and was unable to compete today. His brother did ok but not great.

So when I finally turned from ogre to human being, it was time for my morning protein shake. I need to go to the grocery store in the next couple of days. I am almost out of bananas for my shakes. My stomach is still very queasy so I voted again going out to do anything. I have some meetings this next week so I am hoping to be better by then. So we ended up watching sports for the rest of the afternoon and then some comedy this evening. I did catch the season premiere for Army Wives on Lifetime. This was the start for season 2 and the conclusion of the bombing at the bar off base. I did not expect to like the series when I happen to catch it one night when I couldn't sleep. It had a couple of actors I had seen in other series so I decided to watch it since nothing else was on television. I won't spoil it for those of you who might watch the series and haven't seen it yet. But it was very heartbreaking to see who had died in the bombing. It was not clearly revealed until the end of the show and caught me off guard. It really affected me deeply. I have been thinking a lot about life issues and friends who have passed and the episode really got to me. I literally almost had a panic attack thinking about some of my loved ones and how much I miss them like my mom and Brad. But death is a part of life and is much harder on those of us left behind.

Now to get off the morbid mode, it was another beautiful day outside but a little hot for my tastes. I am going to hate seeing the electric bills during the heat of the summer. I guess I will have to break down and raise the setting to 78 even though I really like it around 74. The news said we are going to be having severe thunderstorms on Tuesday or Wednesday. I know we can use the rain. They are talking about water problems in southern California. They do not have enough water for the crops and some lakes are at fifty percent level. I know most of the water used by people in southern California comes from Oregon and northern California. Now three states are having clean water problems. I hate to see the writing on the wall for what is going to happen across the country between water and gasoline prices. I hate to think the golden days of America are over but I am afraid our perfect world of consumerism is getting ready to blow up in our faces. Time will tell and a lot will depend how our leaders respond to the crisis. I just know life is going to get a lot harder for all of us except for the lucky few who are rich.

I hate to sound all dark and dim but they are so many things that leaders of our country ignored for decades that are now coming back to bite us in the ass. We have our biggest deficit of all times. Unemployment is rapidly increasing. We all know what is happening to the prices of gasoline, utilities and groceries without even mentioning what has happened to medical costs in the past decade. So it seems every month I have to figure a new way to stretch a fixed income while they consider what decreases there will be in the available programs. I just don't see how families especially the ones with children make it. It can all be quite daunting even for a single person.

I spoke with Diane last evening and caught up on the news in her world. Her mother is doing better and turns out the last diagnosis about her eye problem was wrong and everything is okay. Diane is working on getting a committee together to start their Teddy Bear Touchdown for the year. She has several great leads I told her she should pursue including one at the clinic where the children receive their treatments. Talk about having someone on the inside track. I wish we had someone like her at the Rainbow Clinic here in Jacksonville. There is always something going on in Diane's life and she likes it that way. I personally would love having more down time but I know that day will come soon enough. There will be time to rest when I am dead.

I need to get off to bed. I have a massage appointment with Vicki in the morning. I am really needing the massage since my back muscles are all tied up in knots. Vicki does a great job of taking care of the problem for me.

I hope you have a great Monday! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab