June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008
Welcome to the start of another business week! I hope you had a great weekend!

I am finally starting to feel better after having been sick with a stomach virus for almost two weeks. I can not describe how great it is to be able to stand up straight without stomach cramps and nausea. I ended being up late again last night. Big shock there. LOL

Gary was up early around 5am since he has to go have his Ryan White and ADAP renewals today at BCCC at 8am before heading to work. He ended up having Antonio do his review and was very pleased with how quickly his renewal went. So he was able to get to work at a decent hour in the morning which is a great thing since Gary was out sick all last week. He is very lucky they are so understanding about his status where he works. There are many companies out there who are not so understanding. Luckily there is the American Disability Act to help protect people with HIV/AIDS and other disabling conditions for those companies who are less sympathetic.

So I finally forced myself to get to sleep after Gary left for work since I knew I had to be up at a decent hour to make my massage appointment with Vicki. I ended up getting about an hour and a half's sleep. After getting my shower and shaving my five day beard growth, I went downstairs for my massage. It is always great seeing Vicki not only for my massage but the current events talk we always have during my session. We are old friends and think a lot alike being life long activists so a lot of time we feel like we are singing to the choir. But it is also great knowing someone else feels the same way. Of course we were discussing today's current events with the ending of the Democratic Presidential primaries, the cost of gasoline and groceries and the economy. With friends still in the stock market, I would be concerned to have my own money in the market unless maybe in green industries. When I say green I mean involved with the environment or alternative fuels. Then you might see a fair to good profit in the next year or so as we look at where the country needs to head for the future.

After finishing my massage with me feeling much better, we sat down to schedule my next session in July. I only see Vicki once a month although I wish it was weekly or bi-monthly but unfortunately the budget can not afford that luxury. I think most Americans are going to be looking at what they can afford and what they need to cut out very soon with the rising prices.

Vicki was a sweetie and bought me a dozen bananas at the store when she went to get our fire extinguishers checked at the fire department. I needed those bananas badly for my protein shakes. I try to do at least two protein shakes a day and sometimes three when I can. It is very important for people with HIV and especially long term survivors to get higher levels of excellent grade protein into their diet. It not only helps retain muscle but also helps prevent wasting. I know I can not wait until I get an okay from the doctor to start working out again. Most of my muscle definition has disappeared in the past three months since I injured my right arm and it has me a little depressed. I have been working out since I was sixteen and I am just not use to letting my body go. It bothers me on a self esteem level and is a big stress reliever for me.

I tried to get a nap this afternoon but my body and mind just was not liking that idea. I might have dosed for about an hour. Then I heard the door of the house open which startled me since it was only 4:30pm. It turned out to be Gary coming home early since he wasn't feeling well after having the stomach virus and was very tired. Since neither of us felt like cooking, I ended up ordering Papa John's Pizza. I got us a deep dish pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, onion and green peppers along with a two liter coke and diet coke. The pizza was pretty good but the sauce was a little sweet for my taste and the crust could have been crispier. But hey it was delivered and I did not have to cook it so it was all good with me.

I received some emails from Divided We Fail to see if I could be in St. Petersburg, Florida for their gay pride event and work a DWF table to get pledges signed. I had to decline since I already have a trip planned for that weekend. It is such a great cause and organization I hate to say no but it is impossible for me to be in two places at the same time. I wish I could figure out how to accomplish that feat. It would help me out a ton getting all the things in life done I wish I had time to do.

There wasn't really anything on television this evening and I need to get bed early anyway since I had very little sleep last night or today. I am hoping to feel good enough to go to the World AIDS Week committee meeting but will have to wait until the morning to know for sure.

I hope you week has started off to a great start. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab