March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012


Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Wednesday and we have almost made it through the middle of another work week. I hope you have been having a safe and great week so far. It has been another busy week for Dab the AIDS Bear and me.

Recently, Todd and I had a major bump in the road. Feelings were hurt, misunderstandings happened and things looked real dark for a couple of days. But because of the love we have for each other, we were able to work things out. Last night, I wrote a poem for Todd which I would like to share with you today.

The reason I am sharing the poem is because even the best relationships can occasionally have a bad bump or misunderstanding. I am hoping the poem will remind you during those times why you fell in love with your other half to start with and be able to forgive and make up as we did.


Sometimes it is impossible to think That the people we love most Are the very same people we hurt most Though it is hard to give an apology It is better to say sorry Than let them see in real agony

Sometimes when the road we are traveling gets rough And dark clouds are visible and days are tough We easily forgot the sweet times we laugh Those fondly memories we’ve always thought Would never cease to exist because of a bout As we work out the dilemma we’ve been through

Yes, sometimes it is but hard to explain From disagreements to logical explanation Yes, sometimes it is indeed hard to refrain When the people involved are our love ones But we do always hope that our love of a lifetime Will always forgive even if it meant that we caused them pain

So I accept your apology because I love you so deeply My love of a lifetime, you have my heart completely Without your head on my chest and your hand in mine Without the joy of sleeping while holding you from behind The sky would be cloudy and my heart would be blue Two rings that used to be on our fingers laying there sadly Brought home to us both that we want our love badly

By talking through things and bearing our souls Because we knew the love we both still had in our hearts You asked and I placed your ring back on your finger You cried tears of happiness and I felt your tight hug linger The temporary heartbreak we were both feeling will be healed The tears wiped away and our commitment to each other sealed

You're my husband, my lover, my best friend, my cub Yours is the back, the legs and feet I want to rub I love you so deeply which is why only you can cause me pain But you are also the one I want to build dreams with and walk in the rain You're the man I want to protect, defend, love and marry with a lifetime to relish So your love and heart is something I always want to have and cherish

I love you more than I have every loved anyone and look forward to being your husband until the end of time.

Hope you enjoyed the poem as much as my huscub did.

Have a great Hump Day!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab