March 24, 2008

March 24, 2008
HAPPY EASTER to my Christian friends! Hope the Easter Bunny brought you tons of great colored eggs, jelly beans and chocolate candy. It was always one of my mom's favorite holidays after Christmas. She always had to get a new dress and hat to wear to church on Sunday like the rest of her group. All the kids would have on their new shoes and there was a huge Easter egg hunt after church with a potluck dinner in the church dining room. Wow... that was just a trip down memory lane. Thanks for indulging me.

Yesterday, Gary and I went for a long walk to take advantage of the great weather and ate at Al's Italian Restaurant in Riverside for lunch. For those of you that have never been to an Al's; they are a franchise sit down restaurant with a casual "lofty" feel. They have great pizza dough (think chewy hand tossed like Chicago) and good Italian dishes. I had the lunch portion manicotti and Gary had stuffed shells and a Caesar salad. Both dishes were great for casual Italian fare. Our waitress provided quick, efficient and polite service. Afterwards, we stopped by the ice cream parlor and had waffle cones for dessert. I decided on a two scoop with double dutch chocolate and amaretto. Gary chose two scoops of the chocolate in a chocolate coated waffle cone. We ran a couple of other errands and then headed home.

We opted for a down day on Easter. We had been invited to an Easter bonnet party at the park, but to be honest; I had forgotten all about it. A friend of mine, Linda Kowolsky, started the event several years ago. Unfortunately, Linda passed away unexpectedly last year. She was one of the past president of our local PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and active with many organizations and fund raisers throughout the years. Her son, Scooter, has been a friend of mine for years. It's great to see they are carrying on the tradition that Linda started.

So it was a down day for us which is a rarity for me and greatly appreciated and enjoyed. I did get some sun by laying out in our private courtyard while listening to my Ipod. I recently downloaded "Feedback" by Janet Jackson. "Wow" by Kylie and the new remix of Britney Spear's "Piece of Me". I like high energy, top 40, dance and remixes for getting sun or working out. The weather was great on Easter with a constant wind and a high around 70. Just cool enough to lay out in the sun without breaking a sweat. Also got to spend some time with our pets.

Later, I grilled steaks out for our dinner. I may not be a great cook in the kitchen... but I can grill some meat. We had top sirloins, stuffed baked potatoes, corn on the cob and a fresh tossed spinach salad.

Of course, I also had my two protein shakes during the day also and did complete my workout. Due to some tendon problems in my right arm, I am having to go very light on the weights right now if I want to continue working out. I'd rather go light that damage the tendon to wear I absolutely can't work out for a couple of months and loose all the gains of the past 3 months. I let my arm dictate the amount of weight and sets. Gary has also been great about spotting me on certain exercises.

It's the start of another busy week tomorrow with my birthday on Friday and several meetings this week. Will talk about those in my next entry.

Hope that all of you had a great weekend and wishing you health, hope and happiness!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab