March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009

Welcome to my Saturday. I hope you are having a safe and great weekend so far. After our last cold front, it is so great to have temperatures in the low 70s again.

After another night of bad sleep, I ended up napping most of the early afternoon away. Last night, it was Gary's snoring and tossing in bed that kept me from getting a good night's sleep. It is so much easier to sleep during the day when he is at work.

I ended up working out really early before he got up this morning and doing my morning protein shake. Today was back and bicep day.

Now there has been a lot of talk about Milk lately and I do not mean the kind you drink. People have been talking a lot about Milk ever since Sean Penn won at the Oscars for his portrayal of Harvey Milk.

The sad thing is how many cities would not play the movie because of the gay content. Hey people, wake up! It is 2009. Well at least for most of us. But most straight people have no idea who Harvey Milk was so I will give you a brief synopsis of the movie.

Using flashbacks from a statement recorded late in life and archival footage for atmosphere, this film traces Harvey Milk's career from his 40th birthday to his death. He leaves the closet and New York, opens a camera shop that becomes the salon for San Francisco's growing gay community, and organizes gays' purchasing power to build political alliances. He runs for office with lover Scott Smith as his campaign manager. Victory finally comes on the same day Dan White wins in the city's conservative district. The rest of the film sketches Milk's relationship with White and the 1978 fight against a statewide initiative to bar gays and their supporters from public school jobs. Written by {}

Upon moving to San Francisco from New York City in 1972, forty year old Harvey Milk gains focus in his life as a gay activist in the city's Castro district. Gay rights activism turns to political activism as Milk decides he can be a more effective voice for the gay community as a politician, elected or not. Through several elections and losses both for a city seat and a state assembly seat, Milk becomes the first openly gay man in the United States to be elected to political office when he wins a San Francisco supervisor seat in 1977. His many political battlefronts include one with the national anti-gay Save the Children crusade, led and fronted by singer Anita Bryant. Closer to home, Milk has a continuing struggle with his fellow supervisor, Dan White, a staunch social conservative.

Even here in Jacksonville, a city of 1.2 million, Milk is only playing in one theater. In my hometown of Pensacola, nowhere to be found. Any questions about why I moved from Pensacola at a very young age?

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab