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Touch as Therapy

By Vicki Wengrow, MA., LMT, CSP

Massage Therapy (aka bodywork) is touch for therapeutic purposes. Touch has been used as therapy for centuries, even, millenniums. Currently, in America, there is a great resurgence of interest and acknowledgment of the healing power of touch.

Massage Therapy modalities are the most sought after "alternative therapy"; they have become an integral part of "complementary medicine" medical practices, and have an established place in working self-care/wellness programs.

There are hundreds of massage therapy modalities. Some are based on ancient practices; others are modern adaptations. Health benefits are many: They can range from stress release, improved circulation and pain relief, to substantial gains in flexibility, focus, overall function, posture, sense of wellbeing, and more, many more...

Accepted massage techniques can be soft-touch therapies, such as Reike and Polarity. There are therapies that, like Shiatsu and Trigger point work, that involve somewhat heavier pressure. The flowing touch of Swedish (relaxation) Massage is what most people think of when they hear the word "massage." There are also many popular heavier touch techniques--sports (and other) injury therapy, "deep tissue" modalities, and neuromuscular therapy, among them.

In the course of a long massage therapy career, I've studied and performed a number of different bodywork modalities. The current menu of bodywork therapies I practice has become simpler and more select. As a specialist in structural/ neuromuscular integration bodywork, I am a certified SOMA (NMI) practitioner, and, I have created, practiced and taught, my own form of integration bodywork, Wengrow's Synergy. Additionally, I do a lot of therapy for the relief of muscular pain, and, I enjoy combining myofascial and deep tissue techniques, to tailor the sessions for each individual.

As DaddyDab blogged of me, I've been "a long time advocate for the underdogs in society." So, providing therapeutic touch services to HIV positive people and their supporters, has given me much personal satisfaction. I've been massage therapist to many HIV positive persons; in the 90's, I was a massage therapy provider, under a Ryan White grant, to bring holistic healing services to people with HIV.

HIV clients report that massage therapy has helped relieve muscular stiffness, neuropathy symptoms and other body pain. Some of the benefits human beings tend to derive from professional, caring, therapeutic massage might have additional significance for HIV+ people: nurturance, safety, acceptance, moral support, and self-affirmation.

To schedule an appointment, you may contact me at 904-981-8646. Located conveniently in Historic Riverside/Avondale.