May 11, 2008

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8/14/1940 - 4/5/2004


It's Mother's Day again. It's been a few years since you left us. But you're always in my heart. I know you're in a much better place now and no longer in pain 24/7. You fought so hard to make it to your 50th anniversary with Dad. Your will never let up and you made it. We all made sure it was a day you'd never forget but you already had the prize you wanted a love that lasted a lifetime.

That's probably the one thing I admired most about you and Dad your commitment to each other through good times and bad. I'm also a little envious because I had it once and it was taken away from me.

I'm also so thankful for your constant support, your love and your belief that I could do anything. It didn't matter to you that I was gay or hiv+. You and Dad both stood by me for which I am eternally grateful. I had way too may friends who were disowned by their parents for just being gay... not to mention those who were also HIV poz.

I just wanted to say on your day I love and miss you Mom.

Until we're together again.

big bear hug

Your son,

Daddy Dab

Great to have you join me again! Hope you're having a great weekend.

It was another great day here in North Florida. The temperature was in the high 80s and the sky was very cloudy. We also had wind gusts all day up to 30mph and consistently making the gate to the courtyard slam back and forth since I haven't replaced the lock since it broke about a week ago during another storm.

I slept in until around 11am today because I constantly wake up during the night because of pain in my back, legs and/or hands. It felt good to sleep in for a change and the weather outside made for great sleeping conditions. The other way it could have been better would have been listening to rain or a thunderstorm while sleeping. I just got some great new Egyptian cotton sheets for my birthday and I just put them on for the first time. They feel fantastic.

My friend Patrick was going to come over and grill out with us today. But with Dale still being in the hospital, Patrick has his hands full taking care of everything at the house. Workmen are currently working on the air conditioning system. Landscapers are working on the front yard. Plus it was hard to tell all day if it was going to rain or not. So Patrick decided to stay close to the house and then go visit Dale at the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors haven't been able to stabilize Dale to be able to complete the needed tests before surgery yet. Dale is getting frustrated from being in the hospital so long and wanting to be home. I personally can understand with the way I hate being in the hospital.

Gary and I decided to walk over to Five Points and visit Einstein's Bakery Company again. Unfortunately, it closed about fifteen minutes before we arrived so we ended up going over to Marble Slab Ice Cream Store. I ended up getting a chocolate dipped cone with two favors of chocolate ice cream. Gary got a chocolate shake which he said wasn't thick enough. But at least it was a good cold treat. We stopped by Publix to get something for dinner before walking back home. Gary was whining about the heat and the sun the last several blocks.

We ended up taking a short nap after returning home. We woke up hungry so it was time to make dinner. We decided on tri colored cheese tortellini in marinara sauce with fresh garlic bread. I meant to pick up something for a treat tonight but forgot while we were shopping.

It was a pretty laid back weekend for me which I needed before this very busy week we are getting ready to start. I hope you did something memorable or important to you this weekend. May we both have a great week ahead.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab