May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008
Welcome to another great sunny day in Florida! I hate it for you if you live up north or in Denver where it's still snowing. Here in Jacksonville we're having what I consider perfect weather. The temperature high is in the upper 70s with our lows in the mid to upper 50s at night. We even had a night in the 40s recently but that's a fluke for this time of year here.

I spent a few hours outside in the courtyard today. I went and raked leaves from an older neighbor's yard since she's ill and used them in my courtyard garden area. I've made it where there's a nature trail with stepping stones. I use the leaves to give it the authentic "nature trail" feel and it's much cheaper than buying mulch. It also gave me the opportunity to help out a nice neighborhood who can't do the work for herself.

The sunshine felt great today but you can tell we're getting closer to summer. After about an hour, I could feel the start of stinging to the skin which always tells me it's time to put on more sunscreen. Even though I like to have a nice tan which I know some doctors discourage, I still use sunscreen if I know I'm going to have extended exposure to the sun. I'd like to avoid "leather skin" until I hit my 70s or 80s. LOL

The dogs also enjoyed their outside play time and were tromping all through the leaves as I was trying to spread them in the bushes and flower beds. They had the equivalent of nine bags of leaves to play and romp through. Chipper, who is old, blind and deaf didn't know how to react to the feel of all the extra leaves padding his walk. It must be very disconcerting to be blind and have things change on you at all. I know my mother's vision had deteriorated so badly by her death that we couldn't move anything in the house. She had also fallen a couple of times so she didn't need any unknowns in her path to facilitate another one. Chipper is the same way. When Gary rearranged the living room, it took month's before he figured his way around again.

My friend, Dale, is still in the hospital. They have him on a lot of pain killers so I've been staying caught up on his condition by calling Patrick. Patrick stopped by for a quick visit today to fill me in on Dale's condition. Dale's family is here and at the hospital so I don't want to be in the way and will wait to visit him after they're gone. It's great to see them come when he's ill. I've seen too many families who turn their backs on siblings who are gay or HIV positive way too often. Now having said that let me clarify Dale is not HIV positive. He's has many other health problems but HIV isn't one of them.

Tonight, Gary and I watched one of our favorite show which is Ugly Betty. It was another great show and featured the new winner of Project Runway named Christian. He runs around using the word "fierce" all the time but does do gorgeous clothing and couture. Tonight Wilhemena's (played by Vanessa Williams) sister goes "crazy" and tries to kill Betty because Wilhemena substituted her depression drugs with fat burners causing a breakdown. Her sister also set Daniel's apartment on fire and destroyed it. Betty's boyfriend, Henry, is still going between Betty and the girl he may have gotten pregnant. Or it could belong to her other boyfriend she was sleeping with and they won't know until after it's born. I know it may should silly if you don't watch the show but it's very campy and funny.

Now it's off to bed for rest and get ready for our events this weekend. I hope you had a great day also.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab