May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008
Welcome to another day in my life.

I had to be up early this morning because of testing at the Imaging Center here in Riverside. So I left a note for Gary to wake me up at 7:30am which he did but I was so tired I ended up sleeping until 8:30am. So I had to hurry to get ready and then walked the short distance to the Imaging Center. I have known the manager, Lori Hamilton, for about a year now. I had originally send a customer service kudos about her staff to her after I had two MRIs done there. Then last Christmas, Lori and her wonderful staff donated a ton of teddy bears to children with HIV and AIDS with our Teddy Bear Touchdown. They ended up donating the highest amount of teddy bears during the event. Lori came out to greet me and we caught up with what is going on in each other's lives. Lori also let me know they are on board for this year's Teddy Bear Touchdown for which I am so grateful. After my testing was completed, I said my good byes to the staff and headed home.

Unfortunately due the the testing, I was unable to attend the monthly meeting of the World AIDS Week committee. At least we are still months away from our next events so my role and participation are not crucial at this point. I am so busy with national and state business this year that I have really had to cut back on local activism unfortunately.

I was extremely tired after getting home and decided to take a nap. Somehow Kitty worked her way into the bedroom and curled up on the bed with me while I was sleeping. I swear she can work door knobs with her paws. LOL. She will sit and paw at the door when I won't let her in to sleep with me. Kitty is definitely the most affectionate cat I have ever met.

Tonight after Gary got home, we decided to have oriental for dinner and ordered from Five Points. I ended up getting sweet and sour chicken with lo mein noodles and a egg roll. Gary ended up getting dumplings and an egg roll. I won't say it was the best I have ever had but for delivery it was fairly ok.

Tonight we decided to watch television because two of Gary's favorite shows were on prime time. On American Idol, it was the performance for the last three contestants before the final. Based on my opinion of their performances, it will probably ended up being the two Davids in the final but we won't find out for sure until tomorrow evening. But Sheyesha was given a horrible last song to sing which wasn't her fault. She may have made the finals if she had a stronger third performance. On Dancing With the Stars, it was results night with their next show being the finals. Marissa and Tony ended up being voted off tonight but I must give it to her; she really gave it her all. Marissa did what she set out to do which was to prove you do not have to be a size 2 to get out and dance so good for her.

Unfortunately, the earthquake in China has now caused over 18,000 deaths and they are expecting the total to continue to rise as many people were buried in the rubble of buildings. They were showing film on CNN Headline News today and it was devastating to watch. It is amazing what we can endure as humans. Well at least those of us who survive the disaster.

We also have the people in south Georgia who are suffering from the recent tornado hits. Many people lost their homes and all of their possessions. There are tens of thousands of people without electricity including small parts of Atlanta. This is the time of year when you do not want to be without your air conditioning. Not to mention all the wildfires we have throughout the state of Florida but at least none of them are near Jacksonville at this time. Over 100 homes in Palm Bay were destroyed along with six square miles of land. They showed one woman on the news who described watching her home burn up while watching it on the news. I couldn't imagine the heartache knowing there is nothing you can do. We are hoping for rain by this weekend which should help us avoid any in the near future until hurricane season starts.

I hope you a great day and know where almost half way through the week. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab