May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

Thanks for joining me again today!

I had an very early start to my day today. I ended up waking up around 5:30am and since I knew I had an early meeting I decided to go ahead and get up. The first thing to be done every morning is taking the dogs outside for their morning relief. Luckily all of my pets are very well house trained and usually they never have mistakes inside the house.

Today was the monthly meeting of the Patient Advisory Board of our local HIV/AIDS public health clinic. I wasn't sure if Nathaniel was in town or not for me to get a ride to the meeting so I knew I needed to be up early in case I had to ride the bus to BCCC. In order to make the meeting on time, I would have to catch the 9am P7 bus from my neighborhood over to the clinic. I always enjoy the meetings because several of our project members belong to the patient advisory board along with several other friends who participate in other HIV/AIDS organizations with me here in Jacksonville.

After getting the pets taken care of this morning and seeing Gary off to his job, I finished getting ready and was getting ready to walk to the bus stop when I received a call from Nathaniel saying he would pick me up for the meeting at 9:30am. So that gave me a few more minutes around the house to take care of the pets. Nathaniel and I talked about different issues going on in the HIV/AIDS community on our way to the patient advisory board meeting. We found out today David Hatfield decided to step down as co-chair of the board because his mother is going through chemotherapy and needing his help. David has been a great co-chair so he is going to be sorely missed but I will still be working with him on World AIDS Week committee. We also had a new person from the Department of Health named Denise Daniels who is going to be responding to BCCC patient complaints. I just hope Ms. Daniels knows what she has walked into as far as complaints. From what she had to say she is a patient advocate at heart but then I've heard that old song before and will see how she responds when issues arise. After the first meeting, we had our a picnic committee meeting and then our project meeting and discussed this year's Jacksonville Teddy Bear Touchdown. Torrencia and Alice Heard are the local co-chairs this year and are off and running after our meeting today. I know those two women will do a fantastic job which will take a ton of stress off my shoulders while I am doing my other work this year.

There was a problem once again getting Gary's medications. When I went to the pharmacy window to pick them up they told me to go see Financials where I found out they needed a copy of his latest lab work because the copy they had on file was too old. Now I don't have a problem giving updated information but it would have been a lot more helpful if someone from BCCC could have called to let us know after we place the prescription order since we had to leave a telephone number with his medicine order. So I complained to Todd about the problem today before leaving. He has a lot going on in his life also and will be off work for a few weeks after having surgery. I know I wouldn't want his job. It is way too much stress for way too little money which is sad because he is great at his job.

Several of us decided to go to lunch after our meetings at a seafood restaurant down Main Street. I had the chicken finger plate with a baked potato, cole slaw, hush puppies and sweet tea for lunch. Nathaniel was sweet and bought my lunch for me since I did not know we were going to be going out to eat. Everyone was catching up with the latest events and gossip in the community. Most of us have trips we are taking in the next month dealing with our jobs or other activities in the HIV and AIDS field. I reminded everyone to take business cards, HIV/AIDS awareness pins and a couple of our Dab Bears with them on their trips to help with public relations. All too soon, it was time for everyone to return to lunch so Nathaniel gave me a ride home.

It's been great weather again today with perfect conditions so after I returned home it was time to take the pets outside for some relief, exercise and fresh air. All too soon it will be too hot for them to stay outside during the heat of the day. I also worked trimming some of the bushes since the azaleas have already bloomed for the year. Harley and Sugar were chasing each other around the courtyard while Chipper being blind tends to stay close by me. His sense of smell is amazing and he sometimes panic when he loses my scent and will start whining or barking until I pick him up and reassure him.

In the news, the situations from the past few days are still being dealt with in a crisis manner. The death toll in China is growing exponentially which hundreds more being found hourly buried in the rubble. In Mayanmar, the government is restricting how many emergency personnel they will allow into the country as thousands more of their people die from hunger and disease.

Then today, I heard about A 17-year-old standout on the Fleming Island High School football team was struck and killed by a train crossing a railroad bridge over Black Creek Wednesday night. He was fishing on the crossing with two other football players from the same school who had minor injuries escaping the train. The two other boys were treated for abrasions and minor injuries and released to their parents. The 17 year old was unable to span the 100 yard distance before being struck by the train.

I ended up making pancakes and bacon for dinner since Gary didn't want a sub tonight since he had one for lunch. It wasn't the best of meals but it was easy and quick. Thursday night was Ugly Betty Night on television and I think tonight was the season finale even though the writer's strike made for a very short season. I won't bore you with details of the storyline in case you are not a fan of the show but I thought it was hilarious. It's a very over the top campy writing style with multiple superficially complex characters comparable to a primitime multi-ethnic modern day Dynasty show. After finishing this entry I will be going to bed early after a long day and I am ready to hit those soft sheets and drift off into a deep sleep.

Hope you ended up having a great day also. We almost to Friday! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab