May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008
Welcome to my Monday!

It was a slow start to the morning. I ended up waking the last time around 9:30am. I felt like I had slept in the wrong position or something with aching in my arms and legs worse than usual. Luckily my pain medication helped take care of that after it kicked in later. So I was slow getting my day off and going. After taking a shower and putting some clothes on Gary suggested going over to Roosevelt Mall for lunch and shopping. Plus it's always nice to get out and about in the real world.

So we decided to take the B6 bus over to the area around 12:15. Luckily the bus was on time which isn't the norm here in Jacksonville so we were over to the mall by 12:20 and there by 12:35. There are several stores and restaurants in the mall area including Publix, CVS, GNC, Starbucks, Rack Room Shoes, Belks, Taco Bell, KFC, Steinmart and a few others. I hadn't eaten yet so we decided to go to Longhorn's Steakhouse for lunch. I ended up getting the Swiss mushroom and bacon hamburger with French fries and sweet tea. Gary had crab cakes, french fries, strawberry cheesecake and unsweetend ice tea. My hamburger was good but way too big so I was only able to finish a little over half of it. Gary said his crab cakes were good and I'll take his word for it since I HATE seafood and refuse to eat it. We ate it way too often when I was growing up in Pensacola. Even though it was lunch hour, Longhorns was not that packed so our wait was only a few minutes. Our waitress was very attentive and received a good tip for her efforts.

Afterwards we walked over to Steinmart where I found the tennis socks I was hoping to find. Well not the exact brand and style I was looking to buy but these will work. They were having a sale on shoes so I ended up also getting two pairs of flip flops for the summer. One pair is in olive to wear with jeans, camo, olive and khakis. The only pair is navy to wear with navy, jeans, khaki and white shorts. Even though the shoes normally sell for $25 a pair with the sale they were only $8 a pair. You can't beat that especially as hard as I am on shoes. Then we had to wait on the bus which was packed on the way home. I guess high gas prices have more people riding and fewer using their cars as much.

After we rode the B6 back home, I decided to lay down and catch a nap. I should have gone outside and worked on my tan some but the soft sheets and my pillows were calling my name. I ended up sleeping for almost three hours before the dogs woke me up. Gary had fallen asleep on the couch so I didn't have to worry about having to listen to his snoring as I was trying to sleep. Now that's what I call R & R. LOL.

In our national news, the press is pushing more and more for Senator Clinton to end her bid for the presidential nomination even though we have two more primaries tomorrow: Kentucky and Oregon. She is highly favored in Kentucky but I'm not sure about Oregon. It's my personal hope she will be asked to run as Vice-president but given some of the exchanges between her and Obama I don't foresee that happening unless the Democratic party really pushes for it. The best argument she has is she won all the swing states that a Democrat needs to carry during the election and Obama didn't but who knows. We'll all have to wait and see.

I have also been taking an online digital photography class in order to improve the quality of my pictures. When I was younger and modeling I wished I had paid more attention to what was being done behind the camera. I must admit some if it sounds like Greek to me (being 1/2 Greek I should understand it. (LOL) so there is going to be a big learning curve. I know almost nothing about aperature and shutter controls in manual mode. Most of my life I have been lazy and used the automatic or "scene" settings. I would finally like to shoot "somewhat" like a professional. If nothing else it will make the photos used on the website look better thereby making the website look better I hope. Now if there were more interesting things to shoot in Jacksonville and an easier way to get around the city like light rail or a subway system. Well since we're at sea level a subway wouldn't be a great idea but light rail would be fantastic especially with the way gas is going up in price.

I wasn't feeling like a big dinner so I ended up having a protein shake for dinner. I actually still felt a little full from the big lunch we had at Longhorns earlier today. So it was an opportunity for Gary to fix himself something he likes that I won't eat like seafood or shellfish. He ended up making pork chops and macaroni and cheese since it was something quick and easy to make. Then we ended up watching the Dancing With the Stars finals with Kristi giving the best performances of the night. If it's based on talent she will win but since it's up to the voters; it could be anyone's trophy and we'll find out tomorrow night.

Heading off to bed. Ready for dreamland here. Hope you had a fulfilling day and did something special for yourself. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab