May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008
Thanks for visiting and reading about my Tuesday. I definitely got off to a very late start today.

When I first woke up late this morning, the pain in my arms and legs was horrible so the first thing was to take a pain pill. Of course, it takes almost an hour for the medication to kick in and start handling the pain so the first hour was hell. For about the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing worse pain than normal with my neuropathy. The pain makes it very difficult to wear shoes (except for maybe flip flops) and using my hands for almost anything from trying to open a container to brushing my teeth. When the neuropathy first started it was a game of mind over matter for me with me winning most of the time. As the neuopathy became chronic I was unable to function normally by trying to block the pain out and had to start pain management in 1997.

Now 11 years later for whatever reason, the neuropathy seems to be getting worse again but I am hoping this is only temporary. So because of the pain and the pain medication, I ended up sleeping for most of the day. I barely remember waking up a couple of times during the day to take the pets outside but I must have since they were good most of the day. Even Chipper who is usually upset unless he can feel me next to him since he's blind let me sleep without barking. I was amazed when I finally woke up and the clock was reading after 5pm. I didn't even hear the phone ring while I was snoozing away in dreamland. Nothing like sleeping a day of my life away but my body must have been needing the rest.

My friend Patrick stopped by for a visit to let me know how Dale is doing. Patrick had just left from visiting Dale up at the hospital which is only several blocks away. As I've spoken about Dale before in my blogs; he is still in the hospital and having problems with his oxygen levels which are way too low. Until the doctors can fix the oxygen level problem, they can't do the surgery to repair the ruptured discs in Dale's lower spine. Then there is going to be a very long recovery process for Dale to endure after surgery. In the meantime, Patrick not only has to worry about Dale but also make sure the house and bills are handled. Then for Patrick to figure out how he is going to take care of Dale after Dale returns home from the hospital.

In the news today, we also heard Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts has a malignant brain tumor in the front left lobe that they found while doing tests after admitting him to the hospital for his recent seizure. The doctors aren't saying a whole lot except course of treatment in these cases is usually chemotherapy and radiation. The news clips showed visits from his family members and everyone from President Bush, Barak Obama and several other national leaders have made statements of sympathy and support to Senator Kennedy and his family.

Tonight was the Finals for American Idol with the two Davids (Archuletta and Cook) going head to head. Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell are the judges and were dressed in their finest for the occasion. With each finalist having to sing three songs throughout the show, they both gave excellent performances but David Archuletta really knocked it out of the park. He also had the better choice selection of songs for the final. If the winner is decided by talent and marketability than David Archuletta will be the winner on the announcement show tomorrow evening. Even all three judges have predicted he has won the title but nothing is 100 percent certain until after the results tomorrow. But I will say that David Cook the rocker has a unique great voice which should also lead into a great career for him. He's also a great entertainer. Ruben Studdard sang at the end of the show and there were great clips from throughout the season and live shots of this year's eliminated contestants sitting in the audience.

Tonight was also the last show of this season for Dancing With the Stars. They had all the performers from the beginning of the season do a dance along with highlights of special events which helped refresh in my mind those who were voted off much earlier in the season like Monica Seles, Priscilla Presley and Penn. With Christian being eliminated early in the events tonight, it was between Jason and Christi who each had to give a final performance where they both received perfect scores. Usher also performed two different numbers during the finale which were a little unusual for his style. Then they finally announced at the very end of the show; the winner for Dancing of the Stars 2008 is Kristi Yamaguchi! She's the first female winner since DWS season 1's Kelly Monaco. Then also showed a preview for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance which starts on Thursday which I watched the past couple of seasons. The previews showed some incredible gymnastics and dancing talents.

The fires in Florida are still spreading due to high winds and lack of rain. There are fires in Baker County now which isn't far from Jacksonville. There are also fires in two other counties not much further from Jacksonville. The entire state is on burning notice and fire danger notice to help control more fires from breaking out while they get the current ones under control. Fire departments from three states are now fighting the fires across Georgia and Florida in a concentrated effort to control damages. People in Baker and Putnam Counties have been evacuated from their homes in areas under threat of the fires. Thank God for insurance that I pay every month in case of something like that happening. Not that you can replace things which bring memories like pictures or things you picked up on vactions and trips. But at least it will replace the necessities in life.

Headed off to bed now. Hope you had a great day too! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab