May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008
Hey friend! Glad to have you join me again. I hope today was a great one for you. The weather was beautiful in Jacksonville, Florida again today.

Today was not the best of days for me unfortunately. I have chronic neuropathy which was caused by long course HIV HAART treatment with Norvir and Zerit. Sometimes my neuropathy is bearable. Other days, it can be to the point of being disabling to the point I can't even put shoes on my feet. My neuropathy was caused by Zerit and Norvir combination I was taking for several years. Neuropathy is when the nerve endings in your body start "dying" now note that's over simplified. When you first start getting neuropathy, it feels like pin pricks on your skin like needles. When it becomes chronic, it makes shaking hands, wearing shoes, even walking very painful and difficult to do. On the pain scale before I started pain management and medications, my pain was a solid 9 to 10 over 90 percent of the time. I couldn't wear closed shoes only flip flops and even they were very uncomfortable.

Well today was one of those days I could even feel it to my elbows and knees since the nerve damage is slowly advancing. So I ended up spending most of the day in bed in a fetal position. I don't want sympathy or pity. I'm so fortunate to still be alive after all these years of being HIV+ and full blown. I share this especially those of you who are HIV negative to understand the trials and difficulties of being HIV positive or full blown AIDS patient. I think sometimes because I'm use to dealing with the difficulties of being a long term survivor of HIV/AIDS I can underplay the trials, tribulations and difficulties caused by the infection and damage of HIV and AIDS.

I did spend time with my pets today with them curled up on the bed. With all four of them on the bed, it makes it very crowded since my bed is queen size. (no jokes please. LOL) We hadn't been allowing them in the bedroom since Sugar had her "accident" and we had to clean the carpet. But I was needing their companionship and company while Gary was at work. I even missed his calls while I was sleeping which worried him.

I did end up getting something accomplished today. I walked up to my friend's hair salon three blocks from the house and had my head shaved. Well almost shaved, I wear my hair cut in a military "high and tight". Think USMC and you have a good picture of what I'm talking about there. It was great seeing Jayme as always. He was running behind so I had about a 20 minute wait which I didn't mind. Jayme's always great about fitting me in with short notice. I did meet his female customer as she was leaving and gave her one of my business cards about this project and our Teddy Bear Touchdown. She said her office may be interested in participating and would email me so we might have another business signing on this year which would be great.

The weather was beautiful today and even through the pain I enjoyed my walk home. Gary was already home when I arrived so we shared our days happenings. He was called into the office by the owner and commended for the hard work he's being doing. I think it was important for Gary to hear positive feedback from the owner since he has not felt he's doing a competent job. By finding out he actually did $30K more business than on a normal month, he was happy. The owner is giving him a gift certificate to a restaurant which Gary is going to share with his coworkers.

I ended up in bed early by 10pm but had a hard time falling asleep with the neuropathy pain. I woke up again shortly after midnight so now I'm doing this entry and staying caught up with it.

I hope you have a great Saturday tomorrow. I'll be working a day of service with Divided We Fail. So Lindsey will be picking me up in a few hours and I need to get back to bed. Have a great weekend. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab