May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008

Welcome back to another day in my life! I hope you're week is going well as we head toward the end of another week in May.

I am still having problems with my arms and legs. I woke up this morning and it felt like spikes were being nailed into my legs with every step I took. One reason is I overslept and missed my regular dose of pain medication so I headed straight for my prescription. But as I've said before it takes almost an hour for the relief to begin. I spent most of that hour on the couch with my pets trying to stay very still as any movement of my legs triggers the pain. Even trying to put shoes on can be very painful so I know own several pairs of flip flops which are easier to wear than tennis shoes or others. Good thing I live in Florida where flip flops are the footwear of choice from spring until fall. I would stick out like a sore thumb up north.

After the pain medication finally started kicking in it was time to take the dogs outside and let them get some fresh air. It was another overcast, humid day here in north Florida so it wasn't too hot outside. Harley and Sugar ended up chasing each other around the courtyard while Chipper is always close by since he's blind. We had a couple of very brief sprinkles but no real rain like we are needing here.

I did speak with an old friend who is another long term survivor of HIV and AIDS and living in Los Angeles, California. He is now in his 20th year of fighting with HIV and AIDS. He had just found out he was going to start chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and wanted to talk. He lost his significant other five years ago and is still single although he's always had several friends. He was talking about old memories from when I lived in West Hollywood in the 90s and we ran around in the same group of friends. Most of us were HIV+ and gay and were so close that we would take care of the ones in the group that were dying. You have to remember this is before the HIV medications that could really help save lives were available. Now most of them are gone. Out of 18 guys, there are only four of us left a little over a decade later. He suggested I fly out there soon so we can all get together for a weekend which would be great. It's been almost four years since I've been out to Los Angeles and it would be great to see the old stomping grounds.

On the world news in China rescuing trapped survivors was the first priority of the massive military-led response to the May 12 quake, and teams have pulled 33,434 people from the rubble alive. Those efforts have come to a virtual standstill now. No rescues have been reported since Wednesday. The government said the toll of dead and missing jumped to more than 80,000. The confirmed death toll rose to 51,151, up almost 10,000 from the day before. Tents are needed most in the disaster zone where the homeless number over 5 million men, women and children.

I spent the afternoon resting and working on this website until it was time to get my shower and get dressed for my event with Divided We Fail this evening. Tonight, Lindsey and I spoke to a combined group with THE ROSE women's group, the THORNS men's group and Walter's theater group in attendance. Lindsey drove by and picked me up around 4:30pm to give us plenty of time to make it to BCCC by Shand's Hospital by our 5pm meeting time. Lindsey is still busy working around the state AND getting ready for her wedding. We had a great time with the groups and had a lot of fun with them. Several great topics were discussed besides Divided We Fail mainly on the topic of HIV and AIDS. It was fantastic to meet the guys of the new straight men's HIV group called THE THORNS and I have been asked to speak with their group again in the future.

Afterwards Lindsey gave me a ride home and we discussed the event in Palatka this coming weekend. Torrencia and her husband, Reggie, might show up if they can get away from Jacksonville this weekend. Gary was already home from work and eating dinner when I got home. Then Ugly Betty started within minutes so I decided to watch it before going to bed. It was another great show with both Henry and Gio watching to be with Betty and her having to make a decision between the two. Gio asked Betty to go away on a trip to Rome, Italy and then Henry showed up with a ring and asked Betty to get married and move back to Kansas with him. Rough life huh?! Two men wanting to love you. Must be rough. LOL. Like I have said before, Ugly Betty is over the top.

Headed off to bed now; exhausted and ready for sleep. Hope you had a great fulfilling day also. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab