May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Graphics


I hope you're having a safe and great Memorial Day! Thanks for joining me during your busy holiday weekend. This weekend I am in Palatka, Florida working with Divided We Fail at the Blue Crab Festival.

Last night I didn't sleep that well. I always find strange beds very uncomfortable. I guess I'm spoiled with my great sheets, pillow and bed. The hotel we were staying at was a Sleep Inn which was okay for a budget hotel but the sheets, pillow cases and comforter were part polyester which I hate because of my neuropathy. The neuropathy makes cheap sheets feel like sandpaper so I ended up sleeping without covers but couldn't get totally comfortable so I tossed and turned all night like Gary usually does. I was tired when it was time for us to meet for breakfast and Lindsey didn't sleep well either so we weren't looking forward to our very long day.

Everyone met at the Champmobile at the festival. We quickly set up the Champmobile for the festival goers although we knew with it being Memorial Day that the crowds would be smaller than the past three days which ended up being true. One of the great features of the Champmobile in this heat was the air condition which was worth it's price in gold as far as I am concerned. It was a life saver for me after two days in the sun. The sun was a lot stronger today and there were hardly any clouds in the sky so all of us ended up sun burned even though we used sun screen. We were all drinking bottled water like crazy to stay hydrated in the heat.

Besides telling people about Divided We Fail, they can also go into the Champmobile and get their pictures taken with the presidential candidates. Obama and Clinton were the two most requested figures for pictures and people will be able to download them off of later this week. I probably took about 150 pictures over the three days which I will have to process after I get home. We also did trivia contests where people answered questions about past presidents and received prizes like Divided We Fail t-shirts, frisbees and CDs. We ended up having around 10 employees and volunteers today which helped greatly especially during lunch breaks.

Lindsey and I decided on pizza for lunch and then I walked over to the Butterfly vendor that I talked about yesterday. I ended up getting two different pieces of their artwork with 9 butterflies beautifully arranged in their shadowboxes. They will make a great addition to my collection in the house. I was talking with the owners and they are getting ready to open retail locations in Mexico and the Caribbean and wanted to know if I would be interested in managing one of the locations because of my business management background and experience. I told him to give me a call and we can talk turkey and see if we can work out something. I have always dreamed about living in Puerto Rico or one of the other islands in the eastern Caribbean. Talk about a dream life for me! But I won't take anything seriously until I check them out from top to bottom.

Around 4pm, the crowd started to die down so we made the decision to start breaking down the Champmobile which takes about an hour. I know I was so tired by that point I could hardly stand and was glad our weekend was over. After helping Carmilla and Ray with the Champmobile, we all had a quick meeting to cover the results of the great weekend. We had over 1000 pledge cards signed and met several people who are interested in becoming active with Divided We Fail which was great to hear. I also talked to several people with great stories that I hope contact our website and share them with us.

After saying our goodbyes to everyone, Lindsey and I headed to the car instead of staying for an early dinner. We were both ready to get back to Jacksonville and to our families AND our own beds! LOL. It's also a very boring drive from Palatka to Jacksonville with very little to look at except for asphalt and trees. I felt sorry for Lindsey having to drive since I know she was as exhausted as I was. I offered to drive but she said she was fine. We decided to skip dinner and will get together in the next week or so instead. I had just gotten inside when I realized I had left half my stuff in the back of her SUV so I called and told her I could get it later but she was sweet and insisted on turning around since she was only about a mile away.

I'm headed to bed with any television because I am exhausted after a long, great Memorial Day weekend. I hope you had as great a time this weekend as I did. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab