May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008
Welcome back at another day of my blog. For a lot of us, this was the first day of the work week after a three day vacation over Memorial Day Weekend.

Now even though it was Memorial Day weekend, I was in Palatka working with Divided We Fail and having a great time. But this morning when I finally woke up, my legs were killing me from being on them so much for two days. It was a definite reminder that I am not 21 any more. LOL

So the first thing I did was elevate my legs and put some ice packs on them to take the swelling down. While I was relaxing doing that I also put some lotion on my scalp and face where I got sunburned over the weekend. The stinging is the worse on my scalp and forehead. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses most of the time so my eyes didn't get burned much. The sun is definitely much stronger than when I was a kid growing up on the Gulf Coast.

I happen to catch Florida Face to Face on WJCT with host Beth Switze. The interview today was with Holly Benson who is the Secretary for the Agency for Health Care Administration. Simply put her agency makes policies for health care especially indigent and financially challenged health care and Medicaid. The topic was public health care and proposed changes by her agency and our Florida Governor. It immediately caught my attention when they started using phrases like "their main focus if affordable quality health care." She also stated that she meets with their patients and hears there stories along with meeting small business owners. I just hope her well given answers and spin wasn't all PR and she really believes in what she's stating. Call me cynical and I usually don't think I am cynical but I have been dealing with politicians and Washington, DC for over 25 years as a HIV positive gay man and I have had more than my share of spin, promises broken and smoke blown up my ass to last me two life times.

I emailed Lindsey as soon as I realized what the program was about so she could also tune in. Then we started texting back and forth during the program. We will follow up with state level to determine strategy for our next move. I would like to meet Holly Benson for a sit down and greet. That way if they ever go to start an ADAP Waiting List in Florida I will already have a working relationship going on with her. If I already know she will "walk the walk" after the talk that would be helpful to know and the quicker we can help save lives.

Patrick came over to let me know the hospital is sending Dale home even thought they haven't done his spinal surgery. According to Patrick, the hospital administrators said since Dale doesn't have money or insurance that he could not longer just stay admitted since he isn't able to stabilize to have the other surgery. Patrick is scared that something is going to happen to Dale after he gets back home. At the last minute, Patrick was granted a reprieve. Dale has had a catheter the entire time he has been in the hospital and it was just removed today. Dale has not been able to urinate yet so the hospital can not discharge him for the fear of fluid building up in his body.

The news is continuing to talk about the increases in price of crude oil, gasoline and diesel. Just today diesel shot up in price again which will drive up the price of everything that requires transporting. The problem of gas theft is increasing in many cities. Most gas stations will not let you start pumping without a prepayment or credit card. The prices of big gas eating vehicles are being drastically reduced. We will be seeing record numbers of hybrids coming out of the auto industry due to the increases in fuel cost.

Several factors will continue to erode away at the numbers of middle class citizens in the United States. More and more Americans will have no discretionary spending because of cost increases. More and more retired citizens will have to return to work because on inability to maintain quality of life because of cost increases. More and more of those who are physically unable to work will have to choose between eating and paying for medications, doctor visits and ests. All of this will lead to situations and testing of moral fiber that most Americans living today have never had to endure. Their responses will be interested to view and document as I also reveal my decisions and reasons considered behind them. It's definitely not an America I thought I would ever see and definitely not the America that I think most Americans want it to be.

But on a lighter not, I worked on the photos from the weekend for a few hours today. I want to have them finished by Friday so I can get them to Lindsey. Then she can forward them to Camela for publication or whatever use she has for them. I am just glad to be able to use what talent and experience I have to help. All the work is worth seeing the difference you can make in just one person's life. You string those pearls together and have the fabric of the lives you are fortunate to touch in your own life time.

When Gary came home we told me some friends of his were coming over later so I got put some board shorts and a polo on since I was still in my boxers. His friend, Rene, a fellow employee at Sun Batteries. Rene, her boyfriend and their gay friend came over for a visit. We sat around and chatted for about an hour since I haven't seen Rene in almost a month. Her friend was hilarious and kept us in stitches during the visit. Afterwards we ended up having hamburgers and chips for dinner. Neither Gary or I felt like cooking much or having anything big for dinner. After dinner, we watched CNN for about an hour then Gary was too tired to stay up.

So now I'm heading off to bed and dreamland. I'm still very tired and sunburned from the weekend in Palatka and ready for some sleep. Hope you're week is going well also. Just remember to keep reaching for your goals! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab