May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013
HIV/AIDS Advocate José Fernando Colón López Dies

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Tuesday and I hope you are having a beary safe and great week so far. It is another busy week for Dab the AIDS Bear.

José Fernando Colón López, a leading HIV/AIDS advocate in Puerto Rico, has died, according to a statement from the Latino Commission on AIDS.

In 1999, Colón and his partner of 18 years, Anselmo Fonseca, founded Pacientes de Sida Pro Politica Sana (AIDS Patients for Sane Policies). Although it does not provide direct clinical services, the group does provide client-focused support and care referrals.

It was formed in the aftermath of a major scandal at the San Juan AIDS Institute in which former officials stole more than $2 million.

The Latino Commission on AIDS mourns the passing of its long-time supporter and friend, activist José Colon, a tireless advocate for the rights of People Living with HIV and founder of Pacientes Pro-Politica Sana, in San Juan, Puerto Rico (PR). Through his work, he brought light to the many challenges faced by people living with HIV and he will be remembered for his exemplary, courageous, and adamant fight against corruption and misappropriation of HIV funding in PR. Because of his steadfast, outspoken commitment, José gained the attention of a wide spectrum of individuals, but all respected him as he fought to bring health parity to people living with HIV/AIDS, a fight which he continued all the way through to the end of his life. He is survived by his partner of 18 years, Anselmo Fonseca.

“Our sincere condolences go to the family and friends of José Colon, and especially to his partner of 18 years, Anselmo Fonseca. While we at the Latino Commission on AIDS mourn his passing, we also remember him dearly and gratefully for his selfless and tireless work on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS. José joined efforts, in many occasions, with our past President, Dennis de Leon, and we all are grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with such an important and committed activist” stated Guillermo Chacón, President of the Latino Commission on AIDS.

Anytime we lose a person with HIV/AIDS, it is a sad day. Today is an especially sad day because of all the hard work he did for people living with HIV and AIDS in Puerto Rico.

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