May 30, 2008

Weekend Comments & Graphics

Thank God It's Friday!

We have survived another work week. I don't know about you but this week seemed extra long to me. Maybe it is because we now have weather in the 90s every day in north Florida. Maybe it is the temperatures in combination with the humidity of summer in the South. But the combination of the two can sap my energy quicker than anything else.

Gary woke me up at 8:30am so I could have plenty of time to pull myself together for the monthly HIV community luncheon this afternoon. I tend to be very disoriented when I first wake up especially since my two mini strokes. So I tend to allow myself a minimum of two hours before I have to leave for an event to make myself human. So first thing I usually do is make a protein shake since my stomach is always growling first thing in the morning. I also believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since I struggle with HIV wasting, it is important for me to take in as many calories as possible every day to prevent weight and muscle loss. I know being able to eat constantly might sound great to some. But when you HAVE to eat constantly just to maintain your weight, it can become very daunting.

I spoke with Beth this morning around 10:30 about getting a ride with her to the luncheon. I always look forward to the time I get to spend with Beth. She is just one of those rare loving people you have the fortune of meeting in life. Beth picked me up around 11:30 and when we arrived near Christ Church of Peace there was no parking to be had. Turns out it was the last day at Lee High School which is only a couple of doors down from the church and kids were just getting out as we arrived. When Beth finally found a parking spot a couple of blocks away, we almost got run over by a stampede caravan of school buses as they were leaving. There must have been at least 30 buses.

Donna and the rest of the crew for NFAN were waiting for us when we arrived with the keys to the church. Zane and the pharmacy group he works for paid for the food at the luncheon today and the food was fantastic! They served homemade cheese ravioli, fresh tossed salad, garlic bread and choice of beverage. There were also cupcakes for dessert after the meal. I ended up finding out the caterer was Zane's significant other and my hat is off to them for providing one of the best meals we have had at the monthly luncheons besides the special holiday ones.

It's always great seeing members of my local HIV/AIDS community at the monthly luncheons. It is one of the few opportunities I have to see some of them each month since a lot of them do not have transportation. I found out one of the men had lost his partner of 30 years in the past month. My heart goes out to him. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. It was great he came to the luncheon today and isn't staying holed up in the house. I also saw several women from THE ROSE group who I always have a great time seeing also. They have such great outgoing personalities. All too soon the luncheon was over and it was time for Beth to give me a ride home. We discussed some community issues on the way home and got my hug before waving her off. I will be seeing her next week when she gives me a ride to the monthly World AIDS Week committee meeting downtown.

I came home and was so tired I decided to take a nap for a couple of hours. Even though it was beautiful weather outside except for the heat, I am still recovering from getting way too my sun last weekend so tanning was not an option today. Hopefully by next Monday I will be ready for some new rays. So I climbed into bed and was in dreamland within seconds. I really love the softness of the sheets I have now. Except on rare occasions, they don't bother the neuropathy in my legs while I am trying to sleep.

Gary ended up getting home early today since he had to work Memorial Day. He almost startled me when he walked through the door around 4:30 since I wasn't expecting him home early. Gary is currently working on his computer with music programs making his own tracks. It is great he has found a hobby he enjoys doing. With all the time I spend in meetings and working with different organizations, I know it leaves him with a lot of free time on his hands. My constant activism and time away from home probably irritates him but Gary knew I was an advocate and activist when he met me. So it's great Gary finds things he enjoys doing himself.

We tried to order during from Larry's Giant Subs but something was wrong with their power so they were closed. Since we didn't feel like going anywhere, Gary ended up having left over deep dish pizza from Dominos and I ended up having a protein shake and some cereal. Friday night is one of the worst for television as far as I am concerned. We did ended up watching Daily Show With Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. During one of the shows they had one of the leaders of the Democratic National Party who ended up looking like a big dumb ass by the end of the interview. On Colbert Report, he had one of the authors that currently have a book out about the failures of the Bush administration.

Gary headed off to bed around 10pm and I will be following shortly. It's been a low key Friday which is exactly what I needed. I hope you experienced a great day and remember to have a great weekend. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab