May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008
Hey! What are you doing here on a gorgeous Saturday? Just kidding. I am always pleasantly surprised by the number of people who read my blog.

Depending on your location the weather might not have been as great, but here in north Florida it was a beautiful day with highs in the low 90s and a ton of sunshine. Now if the humidity could only stay low the weather would be very enjoyable. That is our problem here in Florida: humidity. Not only will the humidity make the temperature feel 10 percent to 20 percent higher but I know it makes me start sweating as soon as I get outdoors. My female friends complain about what the humidity does to their hair but since my hair is extremely short I really don't notice. I do notice when my clothing is totally soaked within 15 minutes of being outside. So while summer may have been my favorite time of year as a child, it is now my third favorite after spring and fall.

My friend, Patrick, called early this morning to see if he could come over and talk. Even though I still need to wake up I told him to head on over. Dale is still in the hospital and will be in there until at least next week. His kidneys might have shut down so Dale still has a catheter. I know Dale is frustrated and wanting to be home but I am afraid he will fall and hurt himself again. Poor Patrick is a wreck so we went to Publix so he could get everything out. Can we talk about sticker shock at the grocery store! I know I have to be paying over 30 percent on some items compared to last year. What would have cost me around eight dollars last year were over one hundred dollars today. We stopped by my dry cleaners on the way back and the woman told me they were unable to clean the faux fur cover that my dogs use as their bed. Oh well. I was never crazy about the thing anyway. It reminded me of when I bought it with an ex of mine and is several years old. Only one of my ladies were working today and the poor woman was packed with customers so I didn't stay to visit. Then Patrick dropped me off and headed back for home. He is going up to the hospital later to have lunch with Dale and see how he is doing today.

I called my friend Diane today. We hadn't spoke in over a week since I have been so busy and recovering from last weekend. Diane said she had just attended the Mother Wit Institute Inc.'s "Silence is Death" conference which spotlighted how HIV/AIDS is affecting Florida's black community. The event featured the state Department of Heath's HIV/AIDS bureau chief, Tom Liberti, and Ron Henderson, the state minority AIDS coordinator and was held at the Baptist Center on Strong Street in Pensacola. More than half the HIV/AIDS patients in Florida are black, though blacks comprise just 15 percent of the state's population. In Escambia County, one in 150 black residents is living with HIV/AIDS compared with one in 539 white residents, according to the state Department of Heath. So Diane is going to see how the project and our website can help in this effort for Escambia County's HIV/AIDS population. Her mother who I am very close to is having vision problems. Her brother and his wife had just been to Pensacola for a visit and were driving back to Jacksonville today. So considering her busy week, Diane was also very tired and headed for a nap.

After I went and took a nap for a couple of hours during the heat of the middle of the day, Gary woke me up to let me know he would have dinner finished in a few. Gary decided to make cheese quiche and salad for dinner which sounded great. While eating, I started watching CNN and the coverage from the Democratic National Convention decision on Michigan and Florida delegates. First let me state that I feel very disgruntled as a Florida citizen. I didn't ask anyone to move our primary and I feel like I am being penalized for someone else's decisions. They have decided in their ultimate wisdom to only allow each delegate 1/2 a vote which in theory means my vote is only 1/2 a vote. So when did I belong 1/2 a citizen. Does that mean I only have to pay 1/2 taxes? Regardless of how I alone feel, you could tell by the outrage of the Clinton supporters and citizens of Florida and Michigan how they felt about the decision. Robert Waxler, who is a Florida Democrat congressman, said this was the best solution. For who? Him? Is he one of the idiots who caused the mess to start with and now wants an easy way out? I just hope the Democratic party has not blown another election with their bull shit in addition to dragging Florida back into the mix. Didn't we cause enough trouble in the presidential race between Bush and Gore with the chad fiasco? A Clinton representation stated they reserve the right to challenge. I do admire her tenacity. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out.

From the Clinton camp Harold Ickes and Tina Flournoy made the following statement: Today’s results are a victory for the people of Florida who will have a voice in selecting our Party’s nominee and will see its delegates seated at our party’s convention. The decision by the Rules and Bylaws Committee honors the votes that were cast by the people of Florida and allocates the delegates accordingly. We strongly object to the Committee’s decision to undercut its own rules in seating Michigan’s delegates without reflecting the votes of the people of Michigan. The Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but four of the delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party. We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan’s delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast.

We watched America's Most Wanted this evening where they were covering the deaths of eight men in Ft. Myer's, Florida. The skeletal remains were from all male victims between 1980 and 2000. They were all between 18 and 49. It just made me wonder if they could have all been gay since obviously they were single. All of the men were white or hispanic. I know I have lived in other cities where single gay men were targeted and killed. The worst incident being Matthew Shephard's murder.

I am headed off to bed soon. I hope you had a great day also. Make sure to make a special memory this weekend! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab