May 4, 2008

May 4, 2008
Welcome back. I hope you had a great Sunday. I ended up not getting any sleep last night because of my neuropathy and spinal problems. I tried going in the bedroom, laying down and trying to get to sleep several times but to no avail. The constant pain and aching in my hands, legs and spine prevented any chance of a good night's sleep. Luckily Gary could snore and sleep through an atomic bomb and probably not twitch a muscle. I envy how he can sleep any where at any time. I've always been a light sleeper and easily bothered by noises, sounds and lights.

So I ended up coming back out to the living room and watching late night television which is the pits. Unless you want to watch very old reruns, infomercials or shopping channels; there just is not much on the tube late night. (But to be honest, the quality of television has degraded so much in the past decade there isn't much on during prime time either.) I don't see how people can spend so much time watching television instead of getting out and really living life. I know what I'd rather be doing. I can watch television which I get really old and can't get around any more. Until then I don't plan on letting any moss grow under my feet.

Since I was up all night, my activity in the living room woke up all of our pets. So I ended up taking the dogs outside to keep them quite and let them go to the restroom. Even Kitty tried to get outside but seeing she was already declawed when I adopted her; she isn't allowed outside since she can't defend herself. We also have a ton of dogs in our neighborhood which travel in packs. A year or two ago one pack of neighborhood dogs killed my old neighbor Phil's cat in his own front yard before he could get outside to chase them off. It really tore Phil up and I don't want to have the same life experience myself so inside she stays.

Gary just woke up from sleeping. (it's 6:30am) He's stumbling around the house trying to get his coffee and cigarettes. He'll smoke almost a half pack this morning while he's drinking his pot of coffee and waking up. Gary's like me and not a morning person. Actually he's much less of a morning person than I so I leave him alone until he's totally awaken before messing with him. Otherwise Gary will just be in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

We had both talked to Patrick on Friday to see if he wanted to go to the flea market today at Pecan Park. Gary wants to check out how much the mopeds or scooters they carry are selling for compared to off the internet. I told him it couldn't hurt to compare and see if it's possible to get a better deal at the flea market. But with the way I am feeling today I will probably let the two of them go by themselves if they still end up going at all. It looks like it might storm today and Patrick's windshield wipers on his car do not work thereby making it impossible to drive on rainy days. Patrick has also been stressed out about Dale being in the hospital for most of the last five weeks so he may just want to stay home and rest today regardless of the weather. But I'll let Gary call and handle all the arrangements. He's a grown boy and can take off by himself if he still wants to go.


I finally ended up passing out around 10am today and did not wake up until around 3:30 pm. It's the first time I've slept for more than a couple of hours at one time in four days so my body was definitely overdue. When I woke up Gary told me Patrick had been over earlier. More bad news about Patrick's roommate Dale. He was just told they might have to amputate one or both of Dale's legs if this next surgery doesn't correct one of his current medical problems. Having known Dale for over three years and how active he likes to be, I knew how hard this news must have been for him to hear. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers especially the next few days as things develop. I personally would not want to have the possibility of life in a wheelchair as my future. I'm way too independent and active to have the additional obstacle of mobility dependency. But then I know Dale didn't pick this possible future for himself either and who would. We just have to make the best lemonade out of the lemons life deals us that we can.

Gary said Patrick looked very tired so he didn't want to bother him with going to the flea market. Patrick is having to handle everything at the house for the past few months and is used to Dale doing it. Something also tells me Gary wanted a down day himself after his long week at work. This weekend and next weekend, he has to work on Saturday because the production at work is so high right now. Gary also worked on restoring the hard drive of his laptop all day. He recently messed up the laptop control and wasn't able to sign on to the internet. Needless to say that situation was unacceptable so he had to delete everything and restore back to factory specs and rebuild.

I spent the rest of the day still in pain with the neuropathy but at least it isn't as bad as it has been for the last four days. It's more of a constant ache than stabbing and shooting pain. Now in case you're wondering I have tried a few different medications for the neuropathy including Neurotin. The levels of those medications were so high to handle the pain that it would cause problems with my liver and kidneys. I'd rather deal with the pain than have my kidneys or liver permanently damaged. I have no desire to have a transplant and hope to avoid having one this lifetime if at all possible.

We both ended up falling asleep around 10pm on the couch. When a noise woke me up, I hauled us off to bed and was so tired I had no problem falling to sleep. So while it was a painful weekend, I know others have it much worse and I don't want to concentrate on the bad. It was beautiful weather this past weekend and I hope you had a great one.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness. Have a great week!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab