May 5, 2008

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope your day and week started off to a great start. At least with today being a "holiday" hopefully it helped dispel any Monday morning blues.

It's another beautiful day here in Jacksonville, Florida. We're expecting highs in the mid 80s and clear skies today. It is going to be pretty much the same weather all week for us. We are at the start of another week and I am glad it is not going to be a very busy one for me. This past weekend wiped me out between the Divided We Fail day of service and the problems I have been having with my neuropathy and spine problems. The pain is not as bad today as it was last week for which I am very grateful.

I was up early this morning around 5am after I woke up with my right arm throbbing. This is still from the tendon injury I sustained while working out over a month ago. I am still not able to work out my upper body and since I was having problems and a bad cold for the past few weeks, I have also missed my upper body workouts. Needless to say missing my workouts have put me in a funk. The endorphins released during my workouts definitely help with my mental attitude and outlook so I am looking forward to when I can start my program up again. Hopefully I will be able to do just that very soon especially since bathing suit weather is now here.

I spoke with my friend Patrick today and Dale is still in the hospital. They are having to stabilize Dale before the doctors can operate on his back to fix the circulation problems to his legs. If the surgery doesn't solve his circulation problems they might have to amputate his legs. Needless to say, Dale is not handling the news well but trying to keep his spirits up as much as he can. Dale's calling Patrick up to 20 times a day for comfort since Patrick currently has a cold and isn't allowed in Dale's hospital room.

In our news, the destruction in Burma from the cyclone which just hit four days ago is the storyline. There were many casualties and their government has yet to restore power, water or control. Their government controlled radio did not even issue a warning to the citizens about the impending cyclone landing so they could protect themselves. This is the same government who squashed a democratic uprising last year with imprisonment, death and dishonor to those convicted of participation in the democratic movement. Now that same government does not even have the structure to help their own country members. Disgraceful. The United States may not be perfect but compared to many other places on our planet there are few with our same opportunities and liberties.

Of course the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are all the news also. The two main arguments are about suspension of the gas tax for the summer and the economy. Unfortunately affordable quality health care is getting put further and further on the back burner which really concerns me especially with the Ryan White Care Act being up for renewal again next year. If Senator Clinton doesn't win one of the two states it has been suggested by Democratic officials she should drop out of the race in order to keep the party together for the election. I'm hoping she wins to keep the debates going so more solid answers and discussion can be made now Americans are paying attention in record numbers. It'll be interesting to see the results since polls have the two candidates almost equally matched.

Well that's about all that's going on in my world. Hope you had a great Monday and got your week off to a good start. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab