May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008
Great to have you join me again! Welcome back and I hope you had a great day.

Because of the same problem health wise I have been going through for the past several weeks, I had a very hard time getting to sleep last night and ended up not getting sound asleep until 5:30am. Then the pain had me back up by 11:30am so I have been feeling the lack of sleep all day. The pain is a combination of spinal cord damage from two different car wrecks, neuropathy from HIV/AIDS medications and the torn tendons in my right arm leading from the bicep to the forearm. Even with the morphine sulfate prescribed by the pain management doctor, the pain makes it impossible to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I am going back to the doctor on Friday and hoping to discuss other pain management alternatives since what we are currently using as treatment is not taking care of the job for me.

Spoke with my friend Patrick today and Dale is doing about the same in St. Vincent's Hospital. The doctors are still waiting for his oxygen level to return to normal before doing the back surgery. I'm sure Dale is going nuts in the hospital wanting to be back home. I know how much I hate being in the hospital and what I will endure to avoid going so I empathize with Dale. Patrick also told me about his father having a heart attack and being admitted to the hospital. Two days later his dad insisted on being checked out and ended up just walking out on them which has Patrick upset but he already has a ton on his plate without his dad acting like a child. I feel sorry for him but it just reminds me how lucky I am to have the family I do. We were not perfect and definitely not the Brady Bunch (oh wait, Mr. Brady WAS gay!) but my family belongs in a Norman Rockwell painting compared to a lot of the families I have met over my lifetime.

Tonight was our bi-monthly HIV/AIDS support group meeting at Lutheran Social Services. Due to a HIV/AIDS convention in Alabama and other reasons, only half our regular group were in attendance this evening. Gary wasn't able to make it due to an appointment at BCCC although I did see him talking with Mark as we were driving from our house to I-95 but he didn't see us. We also had a new person tonight which is always great. We covered a few issues and enjoyed some baked ziti Heather had made and some desserts. Heather and I have also had several discussions lately about issues coming up in HIV/AIDS funding and the community. They have changed Ryan White where people with private insurance can only have medication co-pays of $1500 per year. After $1500 you have to pay out of pocket regardless of income which sucks. Just the average co-pays for three HIV medications will run more than $1500 a year. Oh well, one more thing for people with HIV/AIDS on limited incomes to struggle with getting their health care.

After a friend gave me a ride home from group, Gary and I had dinner delivered from Larry's Subs. I really wasn't hungry but Larry Sub's has a minimum delivery amount of $15 so I told Gary to get me a small BLT sub. Gary said it was another long day at work but the owners are talking about changing and/or dividing the website he runs due to it immense size. Gary isn't sure that is the right answer so I told him to discuss options with the owner's tomorrow and see what other changes or possibilities there are to enhance productivity and profits. Maybe if they do it will make him enjoy his job more and lead to less stress on him which affects his health.

Tonight was elimination night on American Idol. The last four were narrowed down to the Final Three. Jason Castro ended up being voted off as expected after forgetting the words to his song last night. It's sad to see him go because he had such a unique style and great dreadlocks. Next week the final three will be returning to their home towns for parades, shows and public relations which always makes for a great show. Everyone likes seeing where the future hopefuls were born, their families and friends.

On South Park, the episode was about HIV/AIDS in America. The show started with the kids being told Cartman has HIV. What I have always liked about South Park is the creator's social commentary. Being the cartoon was a clear message how America has forgotten about people here with HIV and AIDS. We hardly ever hear about HIV and AIDS on the news and in the media expect for maybe during World AIDS Week events. Even then the coverage is minimal at best in most cities and not existent in many. I guess it has become to easy with the new medications for people with HIV and AIDS to "hide" their status and "stay in the closet" which now we are seeing the backlash from such. I hope people really got the message behind tonight's South Park episode.

Now I am headed off to bed. I'm tired and ready to feel those soft comfortable sheets. I hope you had a great day also and look forward to having you join me again soon.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab