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Mental Health

Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida 4615 Phillips Hwy Jacksonville, FL 32207 Telephone: 448-5995 Fax Number: 448-6044 Attn: Heather Vaughan

Services: Mental Health counseling, Med-Waver, therapist referral

Northwest Behavioral Health Service 2400 North Edgewood Avenue Jacksonville, Florida 32254

Children's Program Telephone: 781-0600 Administration/Adult Program Telephone: 781-7797

Services: The Agency is certified by the State Department of Children and Families to provide community mental health services in Duval County.

Children and Adolescents Outpatient Services

Assessments - an in-depth evaluation of the present problem or problems to determine the need and level of service. The assessment includes a biopsychosocial format of data relating to medical, psychiatric and behavioral status and is developmentally appropriate.

Psychiatric Services - services are provided by board certified psychiatrists to participants in our outpatient and community support programs. services include psychiatric evalu-ations, therapy and medication management. Individual and Group Therapy - these services are provided to children and adolescents with a diagnosis of a mental illness or a serious emotional disturbance. Services are designed to maximize strengths, reduce behavior problems, normalize activities and develop problem solving skills.

Intensive Therapeutic On-site Services - these services include the provision of therapeutic services to children and adolescents which focus on behavior strategies, functional deficits, community and personal adjustment and other treatment modalities.

Community Support Services Community Support Services - include Case Management for both children and adults, Adult Mental Health Overlay, Drop-In Center, Community and School-based Programs, and HIV/AIDS Counseling and Support Services.

Case Management - services consist of activities aimed at coordinating services to meet the individual needs of the recipient. These services include supportive counseling and assistance with problems of everyday life.

Adult Mental Health Overlay - Day Treatment - these services are provided to residents of Assisted Living Facilities. Activities are geared toward maximizing community living, adult daily living and functioning skills and facilitating rehabilitation.

Drop-In Center - participants are afforded the opportunity to engage in educational, social and recreational activities within a group environment. In addition, there is information available on community resources and special support groups. The Center also serves as a facilitator for several community support groups within this environment.

HIV/AIDS Counseling Support Group - the Agency offers a support group for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Assistance is also given in education and care services and case management.

Link and Quest - Mental Health Resource Center, Inc. 305 N. Washington Street Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Telephone: 358-2411


Level 1 - Referrals are provided for those people who do not have a mental health history, but who are homeless. They are referred to other social service agencies in Jacksonville.

Level 2 - Services are provided to people who are in the mental health system, and have an established caseworker. LINK funds these clients to prevent them from becoming homeless, and refers them back to the caseworker.

Level 3 - Services are provided to people with no current address or caseworker, and who are at risk of becoming homeless. To be eligible for Level 3 Services, a person must have had multiple CSU admissions within the last two years, a psychiatric diagnosis, or have been in a residential treatment program or State hospital. Their psychiatric history implies that they are at risk of institutionalization.

Jewish Family and Community Services 6261 Dupont Station Court, East Jacksonville, Florida 32217 Telephone: 448-1933 Fax: 448-0349

Services: Planned Lifetime Assistance Network - PLAN enables individuals to arrange care for the future financial and social needs of aging or disabled loved ones.

Counseling - Quality mental health care covering a wide range of needs is provided by qualified professionals at reasonable rates.

Life Skills Training - To help people lead productive, self-sufficient lives, the agency offers a life skills training course. Standing Tall empowers individuals by teaching skills ranging from developing a budget to finding a job. No charge for Services)

For more info, please contact Duval Co. Dept. of Health or your Aids Service Organization