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The AIDS Quilt Chapter meeting tentatively set for Thursday September 20th is being postponed until October 18th. Updates are as follows:

* 20 additional blocks of Quilt have been requested for this year’s World AIDS Week activities throughout our NEFL region, I am expecting delivery in November if not sooner.

* We have been approached by the National Hemophilia Foundation to supply 5-10 blocks from 11/1/07-11/3/07 at their national conference in Orlando. We can spare 5-6 blocks. I may need a volunteer to travel with me to set up.

* St. Augustine has requested 2 blocks for an event on November 5th for a forum at Flagler Hospital featuring Cathy Robinson-Pickett as guest speaker. I am still waiting on a calendar of events for their group to share with you all and to send to the National NPF office.

* I have met with the Main Library and they will be displaying 2-6 blocks during and after World AIDS Week. They will get 2 blocks prior to 12/1/07 and an additional 4 blocks when we remove them from City Hall on 11/30/07 for their Education event the afternoon of 12/1/07.

* Several blocks will be featured at Riverside Baptist Church on 12/7/07-12/8/08 for the First Coast Chorus’s winter concert, which is featuring portions of David York’s “AIDS Requiem”. (which will also be sung by FCC at the Jax World AIDS Day memorial service)

* The main display for Jax World AIDS Week 2008 will be at City Hall from 11/28/07-11/30/07 with 8-10 blocks, including an Opening Ceremony. An additional request will include 2 blocks for the Connections Conference on 11/27/07

* Additional Quilt displays will include: Good Shepherd Episcopal Church 12/1/07-12/2/07, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Daytona 11/25/07-12/3/07, and FCCJ South Campus 11/29/07.