November 11, 2007

November 11, 2007
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Well this was not my typical football weekend. Between taking the support group to Daytona Beach, Florida and the fund raiser for World AIDS Week at the Metro this evening; I am worn out. Now you have to remember that I'm usually sound asleep by 11 pm at the latest unless my neuropathy or back is acting up. With the fund raiser this evening, it is 1 am in the morning on Monday and I'm just getting home. But more about that later.

I promised that I would always be honest about what it is like to be a long term survivor of HIV... and some days it really sucks the big one. I've been unable to keep much solid food down for the past couple of weeks and it's really starting to affect my health. I've mainly been living on protein shakes and whatever solid food I can keep down. I'm not sure if the nausea and stomach cramps are being caused by the cancer or the long term side effects of HIV and the medications on my digestive system.

I was also having killer headaches again today and was experiencing more problems with my speech and balance. Gary was busy taking care of things around the house while I got a nap and then got things ready for the fund raising HIV information table. He tries to be so brave, but I know it's tearing him up inside since I've started getting worse.

Then Walter came and picked me up to go to the Metro. Walter and I have been friends since 1990 when I moved to Jacksonville the first time. He's a very talented actor, activist and all around great guy. Walter is also on the board of directors for this project.

I ran into several people that I haven't seen in a while. There were about 75 people attending the event and everyone were very generous with their donations. The entertainment was provided by our local female impersonators who really gave it their all. They donated all their tips to the benefit while was wonderful of them. I got to meet several of them and wanted to thank them for helping us.

I'm getting ready to hit the hay after taking my meds for the night. Hope all of you had a great weekend and did something special for yourself.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab