November 16, 2007

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Hey folks!

How's everyone doing? It's been a great but very long day! Today was the monthly HIV community luncheon with NFAN. Besides the normal activities, today was extra special. Today was our Thanksgiving Luncheon. A HIV drug company paid for the turkey and trimmings spread that was great. Two different group brought donations of teddy bears for the children NFAN Holiday Party: Project Outreach and the Rose Women's HIV Support Group. I would personally like to thanks both groups for all their hard work on behalf of the project and the children. You folks rock!

There was also drawings for food baskets and the First Coast Chorus concert tickets that we donated for the event. Speaking about the First Coast Chorus, my long time friend Cheryl and the chorus members have been great. They comped a full page ad for our project in their holiday concert handbill and they donated the tickets for us to raffle out at the community luncheon today.

Our volunteers are going to be helping at their holiday concerts by handing out the handbills, seating and assisting with ticket sales as people arrive. During intermission, we will be manning a HIV awareness and prevention information table. There will be a lot of people there that normally would not have the information right in front of them. If we be a great chance to not only let people know about my fellow brothers and sisters struggling without access to life saving HIV medications and to the HIV health and funding crisis in America.

The members of the chorus have also been collecting teddy bears for the Teddy Bear Touchdown event that we're doing for the children with HIV and AIDS. I would also like to give a great big thank you! You're great! The chorus also donates their profits from the concerts to community organizations. In the past they sponsored the Holiday Helpers when I was involved.

It's after 8pm and I'm just now dragging back home. Worn out from a great day! I also ran into an old friend from the very early 80s from Orlando, Fl who was a female impersonator and show director. Rene' looks great and offered to do any fund raisers that we do. Great to see another friend from the old days still alive.

Time to kick back, spend some time with Gary and my four legged kids. Here's to you and your loved ones!

Hope that all of you had a great Friday also and an even better weekend. Have a safe trip if you're traveling for the holiday!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab