November 20, 2007

November 20, 2007
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Hey Gang!

After a very long day... I'm sitting down to do my daily blog. Today our volunteers and I helped set up the new Emergency Food Bank at Lutheran Social Services. Talk about a big job! We regrouped all the foods into sections to make it easier to fill the bags when a client comes in for food. We ended up having 18 people come in for food rations to hold them over through the end of the month. I'm just glad we were able to help... especially with Thanksgiving coming up. The people were so nice and most gave me a hug after I loaded their vehicle for them. Made me feeling really good to help them.

Right after the food bank closed we had a donation of ten very large, very heavy boxes of food delivered. Luckily I had time to unload most of the boxes before it was time for our support group this evening. Tonight was our Thanksgiving celebration since some members were leaving for out of town tomorrow which is our normal meeting day. It was great seeing a couple of people that normally can't make it to all the groups sessions because of their jobs. Heather really went all out. She's so wonderful to everyone and works her butt off for us. I'm honored to have her on the board of directors of the project.

I hope that all of you had as great and rewarding of a day as I did!

Wishing you all a great Wednesday!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab