November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

Welcome to another day in my life. I hope you are having a safe and great week so far.

Today started out like any other. After waking up and getting our day started George and I decided to go to the gym and work out. Today was leg and abs day. I was not feeling a hundred percent but I pushed my way through the workout and am glad I did. At my age, I need to get in every workout to keep my body as solid as I can as I quickly approach 50.

Then my day went downhill quickly. After returning home, I received an email that a very dear friend of mine, Peaches, is in her final days in hospice. I feel so badly about being too far from home to go visit her during her final hours. Peaches has not only been a great fellow activist for our community but also a dear friend and one of Dab's Angels. Unfortunately due to long term HIV/AIDS and other health problems, her body has finally given out and it is just a matter of time from what I am hearing which saddens me more than I can express.

The following is Peaches story as featured on her Dab's Angel page:

Not only is Evelyn one of the leading women activists in her city but a truly loving and caring individual who volunteers her time helping others and sharing her story.

The following is Evelyn's story:

Story of Peaches

My name is Peaches I was born in Philly Dec 10, 1951 my grandparent raise me and my brother. My Mother died from a overdose of heroin. My brother was eighteen months and I was three and we never knew our Father.

After my Grandparent, they sent me to the country North Carolina. That was a big jump from the city to the country. With them using my Social Security check you know I didn't see that money. I had a host of cousins I felt like a black sheep.

I went to school and it was alright. I went to the eleventh grade and I was going to my senior year but that changed. One day I was coming home from school walking with a boy when I got beat with the broom. I threw my books down and vowed never to go back to school. My Granny permitted me to talk to boy but my Aunt said no.

So I start working at the crab house picking crab that was a hard job because I put more in my mouth then the the cans and it was awful smelly well that didn't last long I was about fifteen at that time. They finally sent sent my brother. He went to school and finished.

At that time, the only thing I was doing was drinking and having sex. Unprotected sex that risky behavior. Then I met this fine dude who was working as a potato grinder. His Grandfather was the overseer the place. We hit right off but I had to sneak to see him. He ask me would I leave and go to West Palm Beach and I told him yes. Early one cold morning I got up and put on some black short and a black shell top and sneaker. Then I went to my brother and told hm I was leaving so I can make a better life for him and me that I would be back to get him soon. I didn't see him for fifteen years. He had left and join the Air Force. He had gotten married and was doing well.

I slipped out the house Bobby had this guy put me up on the dirt road and I was on my way to bus station and he gave me some money to eat on the way. When I woke up I was in West Palm Beach. I got off the bus and I called Bobby to come and get me. He did and was living in Riviera Beach. The next day he took me to the store. I thought this was the life but I would soon find out it was not.

That evening I went to his grandfather restaurant to work serving food. Later that night a woman came in and ask me where was her man. I said who and she said Bobby and I said just a minute. Then I went in the kitchen and told Bobby his woman want him. He told me to wait a minute and he explained to me she work for him making money. I ask doing what and he said did I want to do the same thing. So we closed the place and we all got in the car and we stopped in front a gas station. He asked did I want to make a 100.00 in five second. I said yes it was indeed five second. The woman was my wife-in-law both of us belong to Bobby. So I finally got away from him and end up in Miami.

I got another pimp he gave some Christmas tree pills and he he took me from Miami to Jacksonville where he told he wanted me to work ricky tick and deluxe club where soldiers hang out. During this whole time I was shooting heroin my drug of choice and I was messed up. I said something I was not suppose to say and he beat me with a pool stick and told me to get cleaned up he said he was going to take the other girl to another stop. But I had other plans. I was going to get away. I met some people on the back street sitting on the steps and explain to them what happened. God has been with me throughout my life. They took me to the bus station and put me on the bus back to Miami. I never saw Al again.

I end up in Wildwood, Florida start smoking crack and tricking for my self. I was my own boss but cracked. I end up going to prison for selling crack and I was given eighteen month and three years on paper. When you are in there you get check by gyn she told me when I get out I needed to follow up. You know I didn't. I went on smoking then I met this fine twenty-nine year old dude. I was thirty-six years old and he ended up being my husband. I joined a church but I was still was smoking crack. Finally he caught me with my crack pipe and told me he want me out. When he come back from out of town I didn't know what I was going to do. But when he came back he has not said any thing I have been clean since that day.

One night me and my husband was playing and I hit my arm on the door knob and a big knot came up on my arm. I told Tommy I was going to call the paramedic. They took me ASAP to University Hospital. They took me right back and took blood. The doctor came back and ask me did I know what palates was and I told him no and explain to me I only had a seven thousand when I was suppose to have one hundred fifty thousand. I was not clotting so they put me in the hospital. The doctor came in saying AZT AND Hivid and I knew what that meant so I asked them. Doctor told him only one tear came out of his eyes. I got out of the bed and hug him.

I have had this for twenty-three years and counting and married the same when I had it. So what I do is fight against HIV/AIDS by teaching and educating. Letting people know they don't have to get HIV/AIDS. That it is preventable. I am still putting up a good fight I live with AIDS, Hep C, Diabetes and Kidney disease. God is not finish with me yet. I also work three times a week for Dept of Health.

On the issue of the Health reform they need to allow it to pass people are dying here because they can't go to the doctor. They don't have insurance and it is to costly. I am for public health care one hundred percent. They try everything else try this.

So please keep Peaches and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Heaven will be gaining a new Angel.

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab