November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008
Obama's Cabinet Taking Shape

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In past blogs, I have spoken about President Elect Obama and the future of HIV/AIDS care and funding. Well he is now choosing members of his cabinet.

Obama has said dealing with the economic crisis is his administration's top priority, and it looks like the man who is going to head up those efforts is Timothy Geithner.

A senior Democratic official said Obama is likely to name Geithner as Treasury secretary. Geithner currently serves as president of the New York Federal Reserve. He earlier held posts in the Treasury Department under three administrations.

If he is nominated and confirmed, he would take on chief responsibility for tackling an economic slowdown and a credit crunch that threaten to create the deepest recession in more than a generation.

And Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is saying through a spokesman that discussions are very much on track for her appointment as secretary of State, but no final arrangement has been made. But officials in both camps said they have every reason to believe that Obama will announce her as his choice shortly after Thanksgiving.

The New York Times on Friday afternoon reported that Clinton had decided to accept the position of secretary of state.

The report cited two of Clinton's confidants, one of whom said Clinton came to her decision after additional discussions with Obama about the nature of her role and his plans for foreign policy.

Also, a senior Democratic official said New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has emerged as a serious contender for Commerce Secretary.

Richardson had been in the running for secretary of state.

The official with knowledge of the private Cabinet discussions spoke on background because the deliberations are not final.

Richardson is a prominent Hispanic leader who endorsed Obama after dropping his own presidential bid this year.

Obama also has selected Eric Holder, a top Justice Department aide in the Clinton administration, as his attorney general.

I see hope in these choices in the fulfillment of Obama's stated agenda. Hope for not only people with HIV and AIDS. But hope for all Americans.

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I know some of you are leaving on Thanksgiving vacation either today or in the next few days. I wish you safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving. No matter who you are spending the holidays with this year, make a special memory and take time to be in the moment.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

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