November 27, 2007

November 27, 2007
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Well rise and shine everyone! I had to be up at 5am this morning to get ready for our Connection Conference for World AIDS Week. As I've told those of you that are HIV- and reading this blog, it takes me a couple of hours in the morning to pull everything together... especially at 5am!

Heather and I got to the Conference about 7:30am. Most of the members were already there and putting the last finishing touches on the room. The conference was held at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Everything looked great in red and white colors.

There was a spread laid off for breakfast and the speeches started about 9:30am. There were several great speakers on topics such as: disability, social security, ADAP, and empowerment. Michael with National Association of Persons with AIDS gave a very moving speech to the crowd. Letting them know that they have to empower themselves in their health care and lives.

At the end of the day, everyone went out side with the red and white balloons. On the balloons, people had written the names of loved ones that were lost to HIV and AIDS. There was a brief moment of silence and then everyone released their balloons at once.

I was taking pictures throughout the day... some are being added to the graphics on the first page... some will be added to the World AIDS Week Section.

A friend from support group came over after the conference while he waited on his ride. Due to health complications affecting his eyesight, he can no longer drive himself. But he has handled everything wonderfully and with a great positive attitude.

It's after 8pm and I'm just now getting settled at home. I'm sure there are some messages on the recorder but I'm honestly just too tired to check them. So I'll get to them before I leave for the opening of the AIDS Quilt at City Hall in the morning.

Hope that all of you had a great day also!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab