November 27, 2008



Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Great to have your Pilgrims join me for another day in my life. I hope you are having a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day!

Since today is Thanksgiving, thanks will be my topic for today. I will give you a break from politics, activism and other hot button issues for a day.

I know I have many things for which to give thanks. First of all, I give thanks for being here almost 27 years after finding out I had the virus. Almost all of my friends from the early days of the epidemic have been gone for quite some time.

Secondly, I give thanks for my family and friends. I know how lucky I am as a gay man with AIDS to have a loving accepting family and group of close friends.

Thirdly, I give thanks to my HIV and AIDS community both near and far. It is you I am thinking of during the long hours, strange cities and lonely hotel beds that come with being an activist and advocate for your community. It is you that helps me get through the days with bad medicine side effects, health problems and long hours away from home. I have become friends with many of you over the past 27 years and I treasure those friendships.

and last but not least, to my partner Gary. I give thanks for the support and love you give to me. I know being the partner of an activist can be a lonely one but you stand behind be in my conviction for helping our community. You also give me the space to be who I am while still being with someone. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Weatherwise we had a great day here in north Florida. It was almost too warm at 70 and sunny but I will take it over cloudy and freezing any day. Just something about it being the holidays makes me wish for slightly chilly weather.

Today is a day of eating too much food, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (which you can watch the clip below if you missed it) and a ton of football (Detroit/Tennessee, Texas A&M and Texas) while spending time with Gary and our pets. We decided to do a small intimate day of two for a change this year.

But I hope wherever each of you are today, you are having a great day. Remember to live in the moment and savor every memory. They go by all too fast already.

Wishing you health, hope, happiness and a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab