November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010
An Angel Gets His Wings

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Saturday and I hope your weekend is off to a safe and great start. It is a very hard day for me because of the passing of a dear friend and fellow activist.

It is with heavy heart I have to share the passing of Randy Allgaier. I heard the news earlier today from his husband Lee. Just earlier this month, we voted Randy as our Dab the AIDS Bear's Angel for November 2010. Then I heard from Lee that Randy was in the hospital last week.

The following is a statement Lee released concerning the last days for Randy:

It’s Saturday morning about 7:45. Randy died during the night at 1:50 AM. About six hours ago.

Christine and I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon at 2:30. They removed the ventilator at 2:45. While we were there Randy’s sedation ...(Propofol) had been removed and he was actually awake. His eyes were open. He was receiving morphine to keep him comfortable but the amount was not enough that he was asleep. Christine sat with him, talked with him and held his hand. We reassured him that we would be ok when he let go. At one point he had roused. I called his name. He opened his eyes, turned his head to me and I said “I love you.” He smiled. I will never forget that. What a special gift. Randy was a special gift to me, being in my life. What a thing!

Christine and I remained at the hospital until late in the night. We decided to come back to the house for some rest. I had set my clock for 4:30. When I phoned the ICU at that time it was the nurse who informed me of Randy’s death.

We returned to Randy’s room and there he lay. We (Christine, me and the nurse) proceeded to bathe Randy’s body and rub some lotion on his skin. Then the time came to transport him to the hospital morgue. But before that, we three placed his body into a bag, gave him a toe-tag (yes, a tag on his big toe) and give him a final kiss.

So that was the process we gave to Randy. I thought it important to share our actions with you all.

As hard as it was, it gives me a sense of completion. I have gone full circle with Randy.

Randy’s body will be cremated and his ashes scattered as per his wishes. There will be a gathering of friends and family at a later date still to be decided.

If anyone wants to send flowers, I ask that you do not. I ask that you hold your money and think about contributing it to a charity. I will let you all know which charity in the very near future.

In the meantime, I will be ok. I have plenty of support out there if I need it. I will call on some of you when I need it.

Thank you to so many people who have written, phoned, texted, facebooked. The outpouring has been incredible.

Love, Lee

This is another remember to always tell those you care about you love them while they are still here. So to Randy I hope you rest in peace after helping so many for so many years. I was reading some blog posts from Randy's site and came across this quote from a post he wrote last year it is a good reminder: "We should take time to celebrate the lives of all of us and to remember that everyone who dies has touched the life of someone on this earth before that soul leaves this earth and touches the face of God."

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab