November 9, 2007

November 9, 2007
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Well I spent the majority of the morning cleaning the house and getting packed. Heather and I are taking our HIV support group to Daytona Beach, Florida for the evening.

My friend Patrick came over to house sit and watch the pets for me. I just can't stand to board my pets. I prefer to have them in their own home. The kids love him and it gives him some piece and quiet away from his house.

Everyone showed up around 2:30pm and we loaded up the van. Luckily, it's only about an hour and a half drive to Daytona Beach. My back doesn't handle sitting for any longer than that at one time. We stayed at a beautiful resort in a waterfront room that Heather had arranged.

Gary and I took the master bedroom with the ocean view and the whirlpool tub... I told you this place was nice. You could see the water through the floor to ceiling windows while you bathe. We were lucky with a cold front coming that the weather is still great. That'll be changing in a couple of days.

The resort had 3 outside pools with one bar and one indoor pool. It also had a decent restaurant, workout room, lobby and staff. Even though it was an older hotel since it converted to time share condos, they have put a lot of money into the place with tons of security cameras, deluxe locks and gated facilities.

We ended up deciding on Red Lobster for dinner. Our waiter was nicknamed "Biscuits" by a friend and gave great service. We told his manager about his new nickname when she greeted the table and she said she'd make sure he never lived that one down.

Afterwards, we went shopping at a couple of souvenir, biker and beach shops that are still open in the off season. I found a magnet and Christmas ornament. I try to collect one of each whenever I go on a trip. I know... how redneck of me... oh well. I enjoy doing it. I can look at my Christmas tree during the holidays or fridge door year round and relive memories of trips from the past 30 years.

When we came back to the hotel, we walked across the street to Starbucks since a couple of people in our groups wanted their mojo including Miss Heather. Afterwards, Gary and I walked down to the pool and danced in the moonlight on the beach for awhile. Sat out there and spent some alone time.

Then the gang sat around while we had group. We talked about medications, side effects, HIV/AIDS in the news, changes in funding, etc. It turned out to be a great session. By this time, everyone was ready to pass out and I am calling it a night.

Hope all of you had a great Friday! Do something special for yourself this weekend.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab