OCTOBER 10, 2007

OCTOBER 10, 2007
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Today was my men's focus group at Northeast Florida AIDS Network. It is sponsored by the Pfizer group. We met their representative to give her feedback. I was impressed that she made so many notes which was great to see. As she was leaving I gave her one of our business cards so she could check the project out. We can always use more help.

The only sad thing is we realized as a group that our time together is coming at an end. Several of us already knew each other, but there are also several new people and we have all become close through working together on this project.

It has been beneficial for those of us "old timers" who have many years experience with this disease to help guide the new ones in their journey. Self disclosure is never easy and is a learning experience. I've just been out so long about my status that sometimes I forget how hard it is when you first find out you're positive. So it was a great refresher for me to see it again from that perspective.

Had some correspondence to do when I got home and for some reason I'm still very tired since working the St. Augustine Pride event. So I ended up taking a nap for several hours.

That's another unfortunate side effect to being HIV positive and on medications... so times you just have no energy and all you want to do is sleep. Now while this is also common with depression, it is also a huge side effect of HIV. Not only do you have to deal with life as HIV+, there are also many consequences to being positive... healthcare, disclosure, side effects, etc.

I guess I say that for the people reading this that are still HIV negative. STAY THAT WAY. There is not a person alive that I would chance becoming positive if I was still negative. But I guess that is hindsight after dealing with this for over 20 years.

Wishing all of you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab