OCTOBER 12, 2007

OCTOBER 12, 2007
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Today was errand day. Taking care of the shopping, the dry cleaning, the house... etc... but at least it was a beautiful day outside. The day started off in the 50s with a nice chill to the air and ended up in the high 70s and sunny. If it had stayed in the lower to mid 70s it would have been my idea of a perfect day.

Most of the other board members are out of town with their other jobs so it's given me time to get our schedule of appearances for November and December together. I just want to make sure people know far in advance when they need to be available especially during the holiday season when everyone's schedule is already so hectic.

Spoke with Diane for a couple of hours about how things are going in Pensacola. She is fired up and ready to do the events for the kids at their children's hospital. I tried to contact their local AIDS Service Organization but the telephone number had been disconnected. I also heard from some clients moving here from Pensacola that they ran out of funds... so we will follow up this next week and see what's going on over there.

Pensacola is a gorgeous little city but if you're HIV positive and needing assistance you definitely would not want to move there. Needless to say being a small town, they do not have the latest and greatest doctors, funding, etc.

The whole weekend is suppose to be great weather before getting hotter again next week. I hope all of you have a great weekend.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab