October 13, 2008

October 13, 2008
Thanks for stopping by to check out the start of another busy week in my life. I hope you had a great weekend as I did.

You donít have to be a cable news watching, op reading political junkie to have noticed that things have not exactly been swinging the McCain/Palin way lately. And events this weekend certainly did not alter the trend, as reflected in a small swarm of buzzingly negative news items. But GOP fans may have taken heart by escaping into all things Angelina and Britney, still thriving, as always in the public eye.

Sarah, smile (if possible).

On Friday, an Alaska legislative committee found the dismissal by Governor Pallin of the state Public Safety Commissioner to be a violation of state ethics law. On Saturday, news broke of a statement condemning the McCain campaign for sowing the seeds of hatred and division from revered civil rights figure John Lewis, a man McCain once cited as one of three wise people he would consult as president. Lewis, a Democratic congressman, criticized the harsh anti-Obama rhetoric heard mostly at Palin rallies. McCain called his former wise manís comments shocking and beyond the pale. And finally, during an appearance at a home game of the Philadelphia Flyers, Palin actually dropped the ceremonial first puck. Címon, most famous hockey mom! Get back in the game!

The Comeback

If there is anyone who knows the path from diva to punchline better than Sarah Palin, it is Britney Spears. But mandatory hating on the midriffed one may become passť very soon. The new video of her top 40 hit Womanizer is buzzing like mad and drawing favorable reviews, too. While it may be a titch early to describe the pop phenom cum human tragedy as a national treasure, the time may have come for her sneering detractors to take a break.

Thanks, but this does not help

An AP piece getting kicked around the Web explores where, exactly, those trillions of dollars lost in the stock market have actually gone. Economist Robert Schiller says shareholders have not really lost all that money because weíre just recording a measure of what people think the stock market is worth. It is in the mind of the people. Now, if only our mortgage, dentist bill, and tuition payments were all in our minds, too, we would really have something here...

So what about you? How has your week started off? Mine is very busy with our upcoming Teddy Bear Touchdown in several different US cities and also abroad in London, England and Sydney, Australia. Plus I also have my work with World AIDS Week, Divided We Fail and AARP. All of which keeps me more than busy enough. I often wish I could split into three people so I would have enough time and energy to do everything in life I wish I could. But I would guess most of us have a similar wish.

I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. Stay tuned for future updates throughout the week.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab