OCTOBER 14, 2007

OCTOBER 14, 2007
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Today is Sunday and it's NFL day. Unfortunately the Jaguars did not sell enough tickets for the game to be shown locally. This is the second time that has happened so far this season so it doesn't look good for the locals or the team.

So I ended up watching the other pro teams that did have their games showed. It was nice having a weekend to myself for a change.

Of course there were the usual errands like grocery shopping, laundry etc. but for the most part I just relaxed and took it easy. Spoke to a couple of friends on the phone and caught up. Most of my close friends I have had for a very long time... well at least those that haven't already died from AIDS or other causes.

One of the friends that I spoke with was also one of the first ACT UP members with me in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the rest of our original members have already died. We were discussing how disturbed and upset we both are that American men women and children are on waiting lists for life saving HIV medications. We both had way too many friends die when medications WERE NOT AVAILABLE... so the fact that people are dying today ONLY BECAUSE OF LACK OF GOVERNMENT FUNDING... IT'S UNACCEPTABLE.

I guess for as along as that fact remains I have work to do and people to help protect. As a long term survivor, I feel it's my obligation and duty to have protect those who do not or can not speak out for themselves. Too many people that have become positive in the last few years do not know the struggle and sacrifices by those already dead to give them the options and chance at health they have today.

I hope that everyone had a great Sunday!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab