October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008
Who is Joe the Plumber?

How's it going? It's great having you join me for another day in my life. Today was doctor day in Daddy Dab land. After seeing three different doctors, it seems you will have to put up with me for awhile longer. Hope that doesn't inconvenience anyway and if it does. Thank you and drive thru.

The third and final presidential debate was not about Barack the Senator. And it was not about John the maverick, either.

Instead it was all about Joe the plumber.

The debate was fairly unremarkable, save for repeated references to a plumber from Toledo, Ohio named Joe Wurzelbacher. Senator McCain made the first reference when he chided his democratic rival for wanting to raise taxes on people like ole Joe. That is standard politicians often make allusions to regular folks to prove that they understand real problems.

But then it got weird. Senator Obama mentioned the suddenly famous plumber, too. And then Senator McCain talked about Joe some more. It was almost as if both candidates thought the entire election rode on who gets Joe. By the end of the debate, Joe the plumber had been mentioned a grand total of 20 times. That is more than change and reform combined.

The bizarre exchange inspired both the searchers and the bloggers. Queries on who is joe the plumber and joe wurzelbacher both skyrocketed. Meanwhile, blogs and papers from the Buzz attempted to shed some light on the man behind the socket wrench. The New York Times explains how Joe and Senator Obama met and discussed Obama's tax plan for small businesses (like, ahem, plumbers).

Politico reports that Joe is not about to surrender his 15 minutes. He is already talked to Katie Couric and he will be ruminating on his sudden fame during morning news programs. Tune in, but do not expect to hear who he is voting for. Media Bistro writes that Joe plans to keep that between himself and the lever (well, assuming he is registered).

So how did you think the debate went? Both sides seem to think their candidate won. Drop me a line and let me now. Now just remember to vote!

I usually do not include links to other stories but I was really moved by a story about the last survivor of the Titanic having to sell her possessions so she can pay her nursing home fees. Unfortunately even in London things are as hard as here in America. To read her story: http://cbs13.com/watercooler/titanic.survivor.broke.2.841956.html.

One more day and we will have made it through another work week. I know it has been a long one for me but I always try to enjoy every minute. Make the most of of life is the best revenge.

So until next time

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab