OCTOBER 17, 2007

OCTOBER 17, 2007

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Today was our usual support group meeting that the project sponsors. We have our meetings at Lutheran Social Services. We talked about new HIV drugs that are coming out. Gary also shared his new photography book and award with everyone. He was also nice enough to sign them for everyone.

We also talk about the events for World AIDS Week and making sure that everyone has signed up for the events if they are not working the table with the project. We also helped a new member with his questions about HIV care and medications. I guess I'm the old man of the group and they sort of look to Heather and I for the answers. I guess that's when being HIV+ forever is an advantage of sorts... I've been through just about everything you can be with this disease except actually dying... although I've come close to that a couple of times also.

Some of us are also going to be volunteering when Lutheran Social Services opens their new food bank. The budget has been cut so much due to lack of funding that without volunteers they would no longer be able to have a food bank which is desperately needed by members of our HIV community. Especially at times like this when all the HOPWA money for rent and utilities has run out.

Hope that everyone had a great day.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab